Thursday, June 18, 2020

Blogging for Biden

I am going to attempt to monetize this blog for the next few months to donate to the Biden campaign.

I realize I haven't done anything to really piss off my readers lately, and could end up turning into the New York Times (God Forbid) and just become yet another Internet echo chamber, reflecting people's preconceived notions.   I don't bother to read The Times anymore.  You can cut to the chase by just glancing at the Op-Ed page (which is now conveniently located on the front of the paper, above the fold) for the latest article about Trump.  "Trump is a Doo-Doo Head, Claims White House Insider!"  OK, we're all up to date!  Any day now, the Trump tyranny will surely topple.

I am not against Trump, at least not in the way the Washington Post and the New York Times are - criticizing his every move, from his posture, to his diet, to how he walks or drinks a glass of water.   That is the same sort of silly Hillary-threw-a-lamp-at-Bill nonsense we had to endure for eight years of the Clinton administration.   No, what is really important are policies and issues, not whether the President tweets incoherently at three in the morning.

Well, OK, that is a bit disturbing, and pretty much sums up why I think Biden is our best choice out of a field of two candidates (and there is a field of only two candidates, so get over that Bernie Bros and Jill Stein, or whoever wants to be this year's spoiler).   Biden is boring, Biden isn't offering bold visions for America.   That's what I like about him.  After three-and-a-half years of "excitement" I'm ready for the roller-coaster ride to end.

I mean, I get it that Republicans support Trump not because they love him or even like him, but because, long-term, they are getting the policy positions they want out of him - Judicial appointments, slashed regulations, and tax cuts for corporations and upper tax brackets.  And of course, cutting "social programs" is also on their agenda, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Food Stamps, Obamacare, and whatnot.   Oddly enough, the people attending these "Trump Rallies" are likely to be recipients of one or more of these programs, but yet vote against them.

And no, they are not "in crises" or should be abolished.  Yea, when I was 25 and paying into the system and seeing 9% of each paycheck go to a program "I would never collect from" (as Republicans have been reminding us since the programs were instituted in the 1930's) I went along with this "Let's abolish Social Security" idea.   But then 30 years fly by in a heartbeat, and you realize you are being lied to.

A reader asks me about this, by the way - does time slow down when you retire?  HELL NO, which is why this "I'll work until I'm 70!" nonsense is for the birds.   It is simple math, and in fact, sort of like a dt/t type of equation.  At age 10, one year is 10% of your life and it seems that school will never let out for the summer or that Christmas will never come.  At age 20, though, it is 5% of your life, and while four years of college seems like a long time, you gradate before you know it.

At age 50, it is 2% of your life, and the years are flashing by like a strobe light - each year getting shorter and shorter.   There is no way to avoid this, other than to enjoy life while you can, and don't put off for tomorrow what you can enjoy today.  Sadly, for most people, this advice would boil down to "go out and buy lots of stuff!" which has the opposite effect on life.   People buy crap - leasing cars, for example - and have to work harder and harder to pay for things they used up or pooped out years ago, hoping maybe someday they can "relax and enjoy life" not realizing they can do that right now, if they just learn to live on less.   But I digress.

Getting back to Uncle Joe, he isn't anyone's first choice.  And that's probably a good thing.  I think we've had our share of "Rock stars in the White House" for the time being.   Obama wasn't a horrible President, despite what Fox News tries to sell you, but since Republicans hated him so much and obstructed so much of his programs, not as much got done.  It didn't help that Obama had a bit of a my-way-or-the-highway approach to legislation.   He wasn't like Bill Clinton who was willing to go along with some of the Republican agenda (Welfare Reform, Criminal Law Reform) in exchange for getting other programs enacted.   Clinton realized that Congress makes the laws, and the President can only either sign them or veto them - and hope not to be overridden.

People criticize Clinton for this (that and getting a blowjob - what's the harm in that?) but let's face it, wouldn't you rather go back in time to an era where we were actually paying down the national debt and had a budget surplus, there was relative peace in the world, low crime rates, no national unrest, and so on and so forth?   Oh, and the economy was booming and unemployment was low.  It was good times, but we didn't realize it at the time.

Whoever is in the White House in 2021 will have a mess to clean up - huge deficit spending, increasing national debt, high unemployment, record corporate and personal bankruptcies, and a stock market that likely will tank, yet again, as these "Robin Hood" investors throw themselves in front of train after train.

Who will be able to handle this better?  Donald Trump or old Uncle Joe?  Now, granted, Biden has his share of issues - the false accusations by a crazy lady, however, are not one of them.   He does make "gaffes" by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.   Thank God Trump never does that!  He tweets them instead - totally different.    No, taking aside all that "window dressing" and getting down to brass tacks, what appeals to me about Biden is that he has experience in government.  All the important Senators and Congressmen (and no, AOC, this doesn't include you!) are on his speed-dial on his old Motorola flip-phone (now returning to a phone store near you - clever marketing!).   In terms of getting things done, I think he has a better shot at it.

Some people criticize politicians like Joe Biden as being the same old Insider Politics, the inside the Beltway mentality, or as Trump calls it, the swamp. But quite frankly, I think we've had enough of outsiders in government, who quickly become insiders. They end up being the worst sort of politicians not the best. The whole concept of term limits and "let's kick out the old school politicians" and whatnot really hasn't accomplished anything, other than to bring in a bunch of inexperienced amateurs and people with die-hard political agendas.   What we need more than ever is a sure and steady hand at the helm. An experienced hand. Someone who knows what the hell they're doing.

But what about Biden's politics?  The Bernie Bros say he is too conservative.  The Trumpheads say he is too liberal.   Goldilocks says, "Sounds about just right!" because we've had enough of extremism for a while.   No, Biden isn't promising me a socialist paradise. He isn't trying to buy my votes with free college, loan forgiveness, or just handing out cash to people.  I like that.   It isn't hard to get elected by bribing voters outright.   Problem is, such promises are easy to make and hard to fulfill - and if they are fulfilled, they can bankrupt a nation.   Biden is making more liberal noises to appease the far-left (why bother? They are never happy anyway).   But fundamentally, it is a middle-of-the-road Democrat, and not the caricature that the far-right presents about Democrats in general.   Well, OK, Nancy Pelosi does need a reality check now and again.  But Biden is just the guy to give that to her.

I have noted time and time again, that the two ways you can get involved in politics is to vote, and to contribute money to a political campaign.   Obsessing about politics isn't the answer.  Showing up at a Black Lives Matter rally and shooting a police officer to start a "race war" is Charles Manson level of insanity.  Then again, anyone calling themselves "Antifarts" or "Buggery Boys" isn't operating on all eight cylinders.

But that is exactly why we need Joe Biden - we need a "Return to Normalcy" - a return to normal politics, even if that is "politics as usual" as some decry.  Because, frankly, that sort of politics actually got things done, and didn't divide us or tear apart our nation.

We need to get back to normal and boring.  And Joe Biden is about as normal and boring as they get.

I added a piece of text script to the footer of this blog to enable a bottom ad for Infolinks.  We'll see how this works out and whether or not it is annoying or what.   It likely will only generate a hundred dollars a month or so in income.  I plan on donating this to the Biden campaign, as I otherwise could not afford to donate.  Of course, I can only donate up to the maximum allowed by law, as I am not a PAC.

The ads are pretty dumb (Online MBA?  Save your money!) but you can easily "X" out of them with a careful click.

We'll see how it goes!