Sunday, December 17, 2023

Controlling People With Sex

Tell someone their natural urges are abhorrent and you can make them do anything!

I wrote before how groups like Hamas target young gay men to "volunteer" as suicide bombers. They are given a choice: be beaten to death and bring shame to their families, or strap on a suicide vest and kill some "infidels" and become a martyr (and your family is paid $50,000).  If you are going to die anyway, I guess the second choice is at least quick - and makes your Momma proud.

Throughout history, religions have denied or tried to control the sex lives of their followers. Sex outside of marriage was usually proscribed.  Often, crimes like "adultery" were punished by death - often a gruesome death such as stoning.  Even sex within marriage was seen as unseemly and disgusting - something you have to do to make babies and that's it.  We were all tainted by "original sin" committed by that slut, Eve - and by the way, women are thus evil and need to be contained and controlled lest their lust get the better of us.

Men are little better, it was said.  A woman showing her hair or a sexy ankle was "asking for it" as she was not modestly covered from head to toe.  You can't blame a man from raping when they are showing off like that, right?  Yea, religion and misogyny go hand-in-hand, it seems.

The point is - and was - to get people to feel they are "sinners" and somehow damaged goods, whose only redemption can be had through slavish following of the dictates of their religious leaders.  A pretty neat trick to pull off - and pull it off they did, for millennia.

There is an old joke that "if you are not embarrassed after having sex, you didn't do it right!"   It is natural, I think, to be embarrassed and even repulsed by sex at times, otherwise you'd do it all day long and starve to death.  So we have to do it for the species to survive, but at the same time, have another impulse to not do it. I think this dichotomy of instinct can drive people insane - particularly if they are manipulated into thinking somehow they are uniquely bad for this and not merely human.

A recent article in a psychology journal argues that some mass killers may have links to a "NoFap Army" which is a slang term for a group of young men who are renouncing masturbation as sapping their energy and masculinity.  Much of this is fueled by "red pill" and "incel" influencers like Andrew Tate et al., and I suspect by professional online trolls funded by a foreign adversary.  What better way to drive people crazy then to tell them their natural urges are.... unnatural?

(This also plays into the time-honored scam of telling people that all of their complicated problems can be solved with simple solutions.  If you just change one thing in your life, everything else will fall into place!  But life isn't that simple and simple answers to complex problems are always the wrong answers).

This is not to say that compulsive porn addiction isn't a real thing.  But the authors of the study also monitored a porn addiction group and found that the incidence of violent postings - and violent action by members - was far less. The entire concept apparently started in a bodybuilder forum and them morphed into the "nofap army" moderated by a fellow who ran a "pickup artist" forum (the "red pill" type of people who believe there is a "war" between men and women).  The whole network is full of toxic masculinity (I hate to call it masculinity as I suspect it is all a cover for closeted homosexuality) and caters to people who have self-esteem issues as well as mental health problems.

(Yes, they have even incorporated this and are making money from it, by offering online and in-person seminars and whatnot).

It ain't rocket science.  You tell these gullible young men than their problem is jerking off and that if they just stopped, they would become testosterone super-men (there is zero science behind that, by the way).  Of course, they fail at this as they are males - and men, well, are men.  So then they feel guilty about this and the cycle continues, with each iteration amplifying the guilt and shame levels until they act out their frustration in violent acts against specific targets or random strangers.

And with an online forum, well, you can direct your little wind-up soldiers against specific targets.

It is all pretty sick, but that's how the powers-that-be have been manipulating people, particularly young men, throughout the ages. Deny them sex, and watch the stress and pressure build up until they explode.

One wonders what target these puppet-masters have in mind for their "nofap army."  But given our current political climate and the calls to violence by many members of the GOP, it ain't hard to figure out where this is going.  Scratch a 1/6 insurrectionist and I suspect you'll find a nofap army member.

That's how it works.