Monday, May 2, 2011

All Riled Up About Politics? Don't Be.

You may think of them as arch political enemies, but the leader of the   "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" and the head of the   "Looney Left" hardly hate one another - in fact, Rupert Murdoch gave money to Hillary Clinton.  Lots of it.  The leaders of our country use politics to get YOU all riled up.  They could give a rat's ass, though, in reality, about anything other than power.

People today are very polarized by politics.  On both the right and left, people are spittin' mad - and will bend your ear for hours about how they "hate" Nancy Pelosi or Newt Gingrich*.  People are willing to resort to fisticuffs over political issues like tax cuts or Social Security.

But our Political Overlords really don't give a rat's ass about these things.  They don't hate each other.  Far from it - they attend parties together and see each other socially.  And no, it's not like on a Reality TeeVee show, where they say, icily, "Oh, it's you again!"

In fact, they give money to each other - even to candidates with agendas far different than their own nominal causes.

As they say, "politics makes strange bedfellows" and two no stranger bedfellows exist than Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch.  Murdoch donated personally to Hillary's campaign, and also had members of his family donate - to the maximum amount allowed by law.  Not only that, he hosted a fundraiser in her honor which is about the weirdest thing I ever heard of.

And a funny thing, too.  When you mention this to die-hard left-wing Hillary Clinton supporters, they just go silent.  No justification, no response, no "Yes, but..."  Just silence.  It is quite odd.  And while the media reports this story, not many people pick up on it.  And very few stop to wonder why things like this happen?  Why would two sworn enemies be cozying up like this?  It makes no sense at all.

Just think of it.  The guy who brought you Sean Hannity and the odious Glenn Beck - whose network has vilified Hillary over the years and nearly crucified her husband over the Monica Lewinsky affair - the very network that Hillary herself has decried as imbalanced and unfair - is giving Hillary money.

What's up with that?

Well, let me tell you.  Rupert Murdoch cares about Rupert Murdoch, not your silly-assed right-wing causes.  He will pander to you and market to you and put on a TeeVee Show that will capture your eyeballs and sell them to advertisers.  And if that means a conservative news network, then that is what he will sell.

But don't think for a minute that he sits in his office and throws darts at his Nancy Pelosi dartboard all day long.  That's just the sideshow they sell to chumps like you and me.  The real players don't give a damn about politics.

If he has any animosity toward a political figure it is only to the extent that they are standing in the way of his FCC licenses or some other obstruction to him making more money.  Rich people are like that - they are in it for the money. 

And Hillary is, too.  You don't take money from Rupert Murdoch without a quid pro quo understanding.  No doubt, some favor would be extracted, down the road, or at least that was what Murdoch was hoping.  Because at least nominally, he doesn't stand for the same things Hillary does.

And this is true for both left- and right-wing politics.  Politicians pander to whatever gets them elected.  If the tea-party becomes popular, well, you have to make sure you "get out in front" of that movement, even if it raises some sticky questions about all the earmarks and spending you approved as a Congressman, for 20 years.  No, no, today you are a deficit hawk!

And people believe this shit, too.

So, eat your media Kibble.  Get all riled up at the television screen.  Indulge in the two minutes hate.

But don't think for a moment that your surrendering of your life to political causes is really going to make a difference.  It just makes you a real drag to be around at parties.  And if it means you stop doing things like looking after your own business, then perhaps it is causing real harm.

Because, let me tell you, Rupert Murdoch doesn't take the eye off the ball, and he doesn't drive to Washington DC to participate in a "tea party rally" holding a sign showing Obama dressed as Hitler.

So why should you?  Why should you take the eye off the ball - your personal life - to be a pawn in someone Else's games?

Yes, vote.  That is what is most important.  And contribute to a candidate you want to win.  But rather than getting "all riled up" - which accomplishes little or nothing - spend the time figuring out which candidate is the best choice - and why.

Hillary and Rupert!  Best Friends Forever!

* * *

*  Just FYI.  The American People will never elect a President named "Newt." No one wants a President named after a lizard, no matter how smart he may be (and Newt is smarter than critics give him credit for).   Barack will fly, Newt will not.   Think carefully before naming your children - you may limit their career options!