Monday, January 2, 2012

The Tale of Lucky Mouse

There once was a mouse named Lucky.  Actually, he named himself Lucky.  And when people asked him why he called himself Lucky, he said it was because he was Lucky.  And they asked him, "Why are you Lucky?" and he replied, "Because I just said I was, now shut up with all the questions, OK?  I'm Lucky Mouse, dammit!"

One day, Lucky Mouse was foraging for nuts in forest.  Foraging for nuts was hard work, and you had to be careful, lest you get carried off by a Hawk or Owl.  But Lucky Mouse was Lucky, so he never worried about Owls or Hawks.  But foraging for nuts sucked, really.  It took a long time to find them, and when you did, they were mostly bitter and mealy, even if they were nourishing.

One day, Lucky Mouse came upon Toad.  Toad told him about all the great corn that was available, just for the taking, in the Big Red Barn.  Toad went on and on about the sacks and sacks of corn available, and how it all just sat around, waiting to be eaten.   And unlike nuts, the corn was sweet and crunchy, not like the bitter and mealy nuts.

After Toad went on for a while, Lucky Mouse said, "Wait, Toad, what you are telling me sounds too good to be true!  After all, foraging for nuts is so hard and difficult, why would there just be free corn laying around?  And if there was, why are all my friends foraging for nuts?  Why aren't they getting in on this free corn deal?  There has to be a catch!  It sounds too good to be true!"

And Toad replied, "But it is true!  And many of your friends have already gone to the Big Red Barn to get their share of free corn - before it is too late!"   And Toad mentioned the names of some of Lucky Mouse's friends, who, come to think of it, Lucky Mouse hadn't seen around lately.  They had all gone off to the Big Red Barn for that delicious free corn!

So Lucky Mouse thanked Toad for his advice and thought to himself, "I truly am a Lucky Mouse!  After all, what were the odds I would run into Toad and find out about this free corn deal!  I need to get to the Big Red Barn right away and cash in on this!" - and off he scampered.

A little while later, at the Big Red Barn, Toad was talking with Big Cat, who lived in the Big Red Barn.  "Did he buy it?" Big Cat asked Toad.  "Of course he did!" said Toad, "After all, he is a Lucky Mouse!"   And with that, Toad and Big Cat laughed and laughed.

Toad turned to leave, and said to Big Cat, "If you need anything else, you know where to find me, under the rotted log by the swamp."  And with that, he handed Big Cat his business card, which read: "Toad & Toad, Market Research".

The next day, Big Cat sat out in the sun by the Big Red Barn and purred contentedly.  He was a little fatter than usual and quite satiated.  And no one ever saw Lucky Mouse ever again.

The End.