Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Trump Will Burn Out

It is not just the prospect of looking at this for eight years that will turn away Trump supporters.

Newt Gingrich is a lot smarter than we gave him credit for.  Now that he is out of the limelight, he is saying a lot more intelligent things.  And one thing he said (very diplomatically, I might add) is that Donald Trump, the Presidential candidate, is a creation of the media, particularly Fox News, particularly Fox and Friends.   He gets a lot of free media coverage by saying outlandish things.

And therein lies his Achilles heel.   Insult humor can be very funny so long as it is about someone else, or if you are good at taking a joke.  But it is a delicate thing - not every comedian can get it right, and even those that do get it wrong on occasions.  Whether it is Gilbert Gottfried or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, there are times when they "go over the line" and are no longer funny, but just annoying.

Moreover, over time, insult humor stops being funny.   You can sit through a half-hour "set" of a stand-up comedian who does insult humor.  But then the show is over and you go home and take a bath.  It's funny - once in a while, and not for very long.

And that's Trump's problem.   Over time, he insults more and more people.  And each time he insults a group of people, he turns them off.  Eventually, he will insult his way out of the Presidency.   And it doesn't have to be sweeping groups of people, either.  Just one small demographic, one at a time, and eventually you've pissed everyone off.

Minorities of course, were his first targets.   OK, you can still win with the whopping majority of white voters out there.   But then you have to cut that in half as the women are not too thrilled with his misogyny.  Then he goes after smaller and smaller groups.

This week, it was Michael Jackson fans.   OK, that is not a huge demographic, and likely most were not Trump fans to begin with.  But the people who are fans of the Michael are rabid as Trump fans are.  So whatever few fans Trump had, who were also MJ fans, he just lost.

And so on and so forth.   Over time, he will insult one group after another, until eventually there is no one left.   You just have to wait your turn until he gets to you.

And he will, because he obviously holds everyone who isn't Donald Trump in utter contempt.