Friday, March 9, 2012

Another reason why I am not on Facebook....

I am not a fan of Facebook, nor do I have a Facebook account.

Sorry, but just because someone links to my blog, does not mean that I endorse their site.

Sadly, it seems that people on Facebook will believe anything. 


  1. PLEASE NOTE that I am not on Facebook, nor am I affiliated with any Facebook sites or other sites that link to this page. The opinions of others who link to this page are not my opinions.

    But then again, you didn't bother reading my article, I doubt you read their web page, and I doubt you can tell the difference, right?

    Take your anti-depressants and calm down.

  2. I reported this "fibro" site to facebook today and asked them to remove any link to my blog, as the site owner is implying that I endorse or sponsor his views.

    Sadly, whatever he/she was trying to prove, the unhinged comments in response seem to be proving them.

    Thanks to the reader who brought this to my attention.

    Unfortunately, a lot of my content has been hijacked over the years and appears on other sites or links from other sites (which I can see, from the Blogger stats page). I am not responsible for those sites, nor do I endorse any ideas or products being sold on those sites.

    * * * *


    Thanks for your report. We’re reviewing it now, but in the meantime please make sure you’ve provided all the information we need to investigate the matter. If you didn’t provide this information in the original report, please reply to this email.

    What we need to know about the impostor account:
    1. Full name of the person being impersonated
    2. Full name listed on the account you’re reporting
    3. Web address (URL) of the Timeline you’re reporting

    Providing us the email address listed on the imposter account and a screenshot of the Timeline also helps.

    What we need from you:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your relationship to the person being impersonated
    3. Your contact email address
    4. A digital copy of a government-issued photo ID of the person being impersonated (this will be deleted after we resolve your issue)

    If you don't have a government-issued photo ID, we also accept any of the following:

    - 2 different forms of ID that both show the same name. Additionally, one of the IDs must include a photo or date of birth that matches the information on your profile.
    - If you don’t have an ID that shows your name as well as your photo or date of birth, you can provide 2 forms of ID that show the same name, and a government-issued ID that includes a date of birth or photo that matches the information on your profile.

    See the different kinds of IDs we accept in the Help Center:

    Please keep in mind that only people who have been impersonated or their authorized representative can make a report.

    The Facebook Team

  3. This experience really illustrates how idiotic Facebook is - and their users.

    Facebook - the television of the Internet!

  4. Here is Facebook's lame response:


    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Unfortunately, this channel isn’t currently set up to handle this type of report.

    If you believe that this content infringes your intellectual property rights, please visit the following Help Center page for more information and details on how to report it:


    Community Operations


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