Monday, August 24, 2020

Does the Media Want Trump to Win? It's Good Business!

The news media has had a field day since Trump was elected.   Clicks are up, profits are up.  Why stop the party now?

Imagine Biden gets elected.   Other than some bruhaha over vote counting and speculation whether Trump will leave the White House peaceably (he will - he doesn't want to be blamed for what happens in the next few years), there isn't much of a news story.  Biden nominates pretty conventional people, and Washington DC goes back to being "Hollywood for Ugly People."  

End of story.  End of the New York Times, who will have nothing to report.

Now, imagine Trump gets re-elected.  In a squeaker of a vote - just like last time - he pulls it out of his ass, strategically getting the electoral votes of States the Democrats overlooked or assumed would go their way.   Polls showed Biden leading by ten points!  But they also did so for Hillary, remember?

Ratings would be boffo.   There would be a recount, of course, and a Supreme Court case like Bush v. Gore.   And the emboldened Trump administration, with nothing left to lose, would be off-the-leash full time.   You thought the first four years were bad, eh?

But for the Washington Post and the New York Times, business would be brisk.  Angry liberals would buy the papers in droves, hoping that each successive article lambasting Trump would prevent Democracy from "dying in the darkness".   It happened in 2016 - subscriptions to the Times shot up after that election.  And who knows?  By 2024, people would be ready for anything - maybe a President Bernie even if he was in a coma.

Bad news is good business, which is why all news is bad news.   Even when "their" candidate wins, the media tears them apart.   Remember the Clinton years?  Or Obama's tenure?  The liberal media outlets wasted no time in tearing down Democratic Presidents for not being liberal enough, or for bombing terrorists with cruise missiles or drones.   They did this not because they hated Clinton or Obama, but because no one would buy a newspaper (or today, click on a story) that says, "Hey, way to go our side!"

Which is why, probably, Fox News is struggling a bit these days. They fall all over themselves sucking up to Trump, but there is no controversy or heat in such presentations.   Maybe that is why Fox News is producing stories that are critical of the President or having interviews where sharp questions are asked.   After all, the only other way they know how to gin up the ratings - having a host make controversial racist comments - is kind of out of fashion.

I don't trust the Times or the Post or the media in general.  They have a divided loyalty here - their primary loyalty is to their own bottom line. They promote the stories that sell, and I think deep down, they realize that a Biden Presidency would so put people to sleep, that another legion of newspapers would go broke with nothing juicy to report, other than today's "gaffe" whatever that is.

The New York Times secretly wants Trump to win.