Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why are postings here appearing on other sites?

I note that several people find this site by searching on "Living Stingy".  Thanks for reading my rants.

But I also notice that such searches turn up a LOT of other sites that excerpt portions of my essays, and then ecapsulate them in sites with paid-for ads.

I do not sponsor, recommend, endorse, promote, or suggest such sites.  In fact, since the people who run such sites are basically ripping off my content so they can get click-revenue, I can safely say that such folks are shady at best and their sites should be avoided at all costs - and never, never, ever, click on an Internet ad!

The real deal is right here at

I suppose I should be flattered that they are ripping off my content, but no doubt it is merely a 'bot trolling the Internet for content to steal and re-post.

I am somewhat surprised that Google doesn't filter such SPAM sites from its hit lists - perhaps they own those sites?

I would not surprise me...

The Internet - caveat emptor.