Thursday, August 17, 2023

Walmart Kimchi

A tasty addition to any food, and it is good for you!

Recently, we have been buying Kimchi at Walmart in the fresh produce section (refrigerated). Kimchi supposedly has probiotics in it, but I don't know about that.  I have read online that Kimchi sold in jars (at room temperature) may have been pasteurized, which kills off the probiotics.   Make your own conclusions.

All I know is, it tastes good on just about anything.  I am sure it is not as "authentic" as what Eomma made, but it is good and a little spicy, too.  If you grind it up in the food processor, it makes a nice spread for crackers or a relish on a hot dog.  Or you can use it as-is on sandwiches, including a breakfast sandwich.

It is funny, but people have food prejudices.  I noted before how Americans will recoil in horror about how people in foreign countries "eat with their hands" when Americans today eat most of their food with their hands (pizza, hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, chips, snacks, etc.).  Similarly, there is a lot of food prejudice about Korean food, beginning with the trope that "they eat dogs" which is true for a small portion of the population, and not only in Korea.

Kimchi is singled out as being "too spicy" or claimed to have a bad smell.  Maybe during the fermentation process when it is made, it could be odoriferous, but once prepared, it is appetizing.  Funny thing, that, people will go to a "Korean BBQ" and at the same time make jokes about stinky Kimchi and dogs-for-supper.   Food prejudice rarely gets anyone anywhere.

Like I said, I am not an expert on Korean cuisine, so I don't know how "authentic" Jongga Kimchi sold at Walmart is.

All I know is, I like it.  And it seems to be a healthy choice, too!