Friday, March 17, 2017

Joe Camel - How Penis Imagry Sells

Joe Camel's head resembles a penis and scrotum, and not too subtly - click to enlarge

When I was in High School, we had a teacher who brought in a number of old magazines such as Esquire, Life, and whatnot, and she asked us to go through the ads looking for death imagery.   She said that advertising agencies sneak in subliminal images to sell liquor, such as skulls and things, which appear in the reflections of the bottles, or in the ice cubes. 

It was hard to see, in some instances, but in others, it was apparent.   Sex and Death sell liquor - or cigarettes.

Salma Hayek seems ready to party - or be gang-raped in a hotel room - in this ad.

Sex sells, and people are interested in sex, even people who claim to be prudish.  We buy cars with fenders shaped like huge breasts, or bumpers that look like nipples.  They even make cars shaped like giant penises - I've owned one myself!

One of the most obscene examples of this, was of course, the Joe Camel ads of the 1980's and 1990's.   People decried these ads as using "Cartoon" characters to appeal to the kiddies.  And apparently, Camel sales with the youth crowd soared after these cartoon ads appeared in magazines. 

But it wasn't the cartoon aspect of Joe Camel that sold cigarettes.  It was his face that looked like a giant dick and scrotum that sold cigarettes.   Many folks failed to see this, even as it was obvious.   Others said that maybe it looked "vaguely phallic" but dismissed any analogy to male genitalia as being overblown.

But it is not hard to spot if you know what to look for.   Joe has a head that looks nothing like a real Camel head, but a lot like a man's "junk".  The "nose" part resembles a flaccid, uncircumcised penis, while the "cheeks" or whatever they are supposed to be, clearly resemble a pair of testicles in a scrotal sack.

It is not very subtle.

Of course, folks who want to shout this down (trolls for the Cigarette companies - disclaimer, I am a shareholder, please smoke your brains out) will say you are "projecting" onto the image and that it is just a simple cartoon camel.   What sort of pervert sees a dick in that?

But a dick it is -and balls - and not by accident.   People are fixated on certain images, and there is something about the Joe Camel graphic that makes it hard to look away.   It looks like a dick - that's why.   And we are taught from birth that nakedness is "naughty" so when we see people naked, we look.

It is human nature, and the Camel people seized upon this - as well as the interests of pubescent teenagers with sex, to snare them into brand loyalty.

So what's the point of this?  If you want your sales to go from 6 million to 450 million, it ain't hard to do....

...Put a dick on it!   It will sell like hotcakes!

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  1. Note how his neck hair looks like pubic hair as well. They could use this cartoon in sex ed class! It is anatomically correct!


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