Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Right, You're Wrong, Get Over it!

I'm right.  You're wrong.  Get over it.

A reader writes:

I like your blog, but I don't agree with much of what you say.

Well, piss off, then!

Sorry, but no room here for emotional thinkers who feel sorry for people and have bleeding hearts and think they are "helping the world" while at the same time being totally evil by enabling horrible behaviors.

Whether it is "feeling sorry" for (feeling superior to) minorities, welfare recipients, or "the less fortunate" or thinking that if only the government could become more involved in our lives, you are dead fucking wrong.  End of story.  No room for debate.

Oh wait, I said a swear word and that offends you?  Piss off, then!

Sorry, but I wrote this blog for ME, not YOU, and don't go lurking here like some commie creep-o.

Log on to the "lame emo dumbass blog" instead.  No doubt your values will be validated there.

Sorry, this is a no-weak-thinking zone.