Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Internationally Acclaimed!

If you are lacking for credentials, just slap " Internationally Acclaimed!"  in front of your name.

This is the gambit Sooze Orman uses, calling herself an "Internationally Acclaimed Personal Financial Expert!"

Think carefully about that phrase - Internationally Acclaimed! -  for a minute, and what it means - or doesn't mean.

And you'll quickly come to the conclusion that it really doesn't mean anything. At all.

In fact, it is rather a catchy handle, as so long as at least a Canadian says something nice about you, you can say you are "Internationally Acclaimed!"

I have Canadian friends, who have said nice things about me.  So I guess I am now "Internationally Acclaimed!"

Wow, that's a real morale booster this AM!

Of course, when someone has to go fishing for such specious credentials, one wonders whether there is anything there at all.  And in most cases, there is no "there" there.

* * *