Saturday, January 12, 2019

Suggested Text

What would happen if I just clicked on the first word the Blogger predictive editor suggests?  Let's try it:

I received some mail from two readers on different subjects which nearly dovetail with one another in the seventies and being one of the only people on the Titanic felt the ship could not be sinking.

The young man of the article before they start bringing in nasty little details like accusations of gang affiliation to the main point, but the school isn't saying if they can't comment on these cases.

It could be that he drew gang symbols in the wall of my generation.   The other problem is sometimes companies actually need this money in order to make ends meet.   Somewhere along the way it was decided that federal student loans should be exempt from bankruptcy because a lot more money from cash flow of the stock market apocalypse.

So you come by the next week and now the toaster oven sells at Walmart for a while.   But of the story of my existence is not a taxable event until they actually sell their stock.   If we are indeed headed for a truck route and you were told what rates you could charge for a truck, you might want to buy a toaster oven from a company that's going out of business.

So if the item is defective, your uncle shows up with a dead body in the back of his pickup truck and asked you to help bury the corpse.  In addition, we are treated to a new town for a recession and we can afford them.

Today they advertised on billboards and television and found these days so much more likely to be less productive as well as mortgage interest.

* * *

Fascinating.   It suggests words from recent posts as well as drafts.  Sometimes it forms almost complete sentences before going off the rails in a somewhat hilarious way.

Gee, Google doesn't need me at all!

On the other hand,  if you wanted to drive a lot, but the school isn't saying if they are weird, I recall flying out of business because of the Democrats.