Tuesday, November 29, 2022

False Flag Protests?

PETA has done a good job of making veganism and animal rights look ludicrous.  Could the Koch brothers be behind this latest "orange" protest against oil?

There have been a plethora of anti-oil protests, mostly in Europe, where people have blocked roads, glued themselves to things, and thrown paint on buildings and works of art.  Most people scratch their heads and think, "Gee, what a bunch of wankers!"

Global warming is a real issue, but there are a lot of vested interests in fossil fuels that don't want to see things change.  What better way to make the whole issue seem irrelevant than make it seem stupid?

You laugh, but it is like trolling on the Internet, but in real life.  One of the techniques used to discredit arguments online is to make arguments that are silly or stupid and easily debunked - the straw-man argument taken to the extreme.

People laugh at the person making the argument and then assume that since that person is so idiotic and silly, the underlying issue itself must be stupid and silly itself.

PETA has made a mockery of animal rights by making ludicrous arguments and stupid protests.  For example, they made a big promotion calling for fish to be renamed "sea kittens" to make them seem cuddly and cute so, I guess, the world would stop eating sea food?  Good luck with that.  A radical vegan agenda is really going nowhere.  If you want to eat vegan, good on you.  But you can't force other people to do so.

It is like these protesters who let the minks out of the mink farms.  Someone did it recently, and the minks ran out into the road and were quickly run over.  Well, I guess that showed 'em!

Some BLM protesters did similar idiotic things, like trying to block the highway during rush hour and of course, the rioting and vandalism.  Not to be left out, the right-wingers tried the same thing with their pickup "trucker convoy" only they couldn't even generate a real traffic jam.  They were just annoying, what with the horn-honking at all hours of the night.  Yea, that convinced people of the merits of your cause!

One has to wonder what these people were thinking.   I guess they think that any publicity is good publicity as it "raises awareness" of an issue.  But if the awareness raised is "The people who are agitating for this issue are crazy, ergo they must be wrong!" are you doing your cause good or harm?

And are the folks doing this being funded covertly by the very people opposed to the issue?  All it takes is a few agitators - and a host of useful idiots willing to go along with it.

I suspect that is the case with these "orange" protests, as they are doing everything in their power to promote the idea that global warming is a hoax and only stupid people believe in it.