Saturday, May 27, 2023

Hindu Nazis, Black Trumpers, and Hispanic White Suprmacists - What in the Ever-Loving Name of Christ is Going On?

When the white supremacists take charge, brown people will be some of their first victims.  Remember that.

Recently, a series of unfortunate events have taken place that has me scratching my head in disbelief.

1.  A young Hispanic man who professes to be a "white supremacist" and racist, shoots up a shopping mall, killing and wounding several people.

2.  A young Hindu Man of Indian descent rents a U-haul truck and tries to ram it into the White House, carrying a Nazi flag with him.

3.  A young black man wearing a MAGA hat marches around his neighborhood with a loaded AR-15, hanging out at the school bus stop and terrorizing parents and children alike.  And yes, he lives with his parents.

4.  The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, (who tries to go by "Henry"), is a "Afro-Cuban" which in white supremacy circles is two strikes against you right there - black and Hispanic.  Yet he leads a white supremacy group.

5.  Nick Fuentes - now that's a proper Anglo-Saxon name! - is a speaker at various white supremacy gatherings and an "influencer" of sorts.  Again, he seems to fail to realize that real white supremacists would "send him back where he came from" on the first boat - regardless of where he actually came from.

The list goes on and on.  Others have noted this trend, particularly among Hispanics.  I noted before that many Hispanic people consider themselves to be of pure Spanish heritage and are insulted if you imply they might have some indigenous or African blood in their background.  My Costa Rican friend, whose skin was a light tan and whose face looked like that of a Mayan God, nearly punched me in the face, when I gave him what I thought was a compliment.  My Cuban friend insists he is 100% Spanish blood, and for all I know he is.  But when his family came to this country after Castro took power, they had to take menial jobs and were taunted and called "Wetbacks" and "Lazy Mexicans" by white people.

Why would Hispanics want to join that group?  The white people group, that is.  

Let me say, as a bona fide white guy, with documented roots in Scotland, Ireland, and Switzerland (among other places) and a good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon name, that the white folks aren't about to let you into the country club or the prep school, or the prestigious university without a fight.  We are not your friends.

I say this as a 100% WASP - White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. When "White Supremacists" are talking about the "Master Race" they are talking about people like me.  Sorry, but no Catholics, Jews, or even people with a Southern Mediterranean background (Italy, Spain).  Even Irish are suspect as Papists.  You may think you belong to the Country Club, but you are only getting in through the servant's entrance - if that.

So, pander all you want to.  Suck up to the great white man.  He may pretend to like you, "Diamond and Silk" but make no mistake, you are only let into the club as a guest, on permanent probation.  Clarence Thomas, take note. Rich guys wouldn't let  you near their yachts, if you were not on the Supreme Court.  Behind your back, they are calling you an Uncle Tom.

Of course, even I am not allowed into the club, either.  They don't like the gays much these days, although they will let us cater their weddings, arrange their flowers, and do their wives' bouffant hairdos, before they usher us into the gas chamber.  It is all part of the plan.

But of course, that is the problem with white supremacy - once you filter out all the non-white groups, and then go after the "near white" and non-Protestant groups, the remaining field gets smaller and smaller.  It is like Stalin's purges - eventually everyone ends up on the lists.

So why do these minority people profess an admiration for white supremacy?  The fellow who shot up the outlet mall even admitted he wasn't "white" but took us to task for not asserting our supremacy enough.  What makes people think this way?

Well, in a way, it is collateral damage from the relentless campaign being waged online and in the media, trying to make white supremacy seem a legitimate political view, or even endorsing or espousing it.  Foreign powers are at work, as they know "divide and conquer" will destroy us from within without them having to fire a shot (the latter of which they are not very good at, apparently).  So long as we think our neighbors are the real enemy - and not Russia or China - then we are doomed.

Sadly, this propaganda was so effective it had an overshoot effect.  People not in the target audience were radicalized online, which isn't hard to do.  Whether it is Qanon, anti-vaxxerism, flat-earth nonsense, Bride-of-ISIS, Al Qaeda, Scientology, Antifa, or an MLM scheme, it isn't hard to convince the vast majority of Americans of utter nonsense.  You tell people that a pizza shop is running a pedophile ring and before long, a wind-up soldier shows up and starts shooting - fortunately in that instance, no one was hurt.

So mental illness factors into the mix.  Young men (and it is mostly men) with no direction, usually under-educated, unemployed, and unemcumbered by family and career obligations, have a lot of time on their hands and spend countless hours on 4chan or 8chan or whatever odious site that spews hate, such as Fox News or Twitter.

Parents, are, of course, largely to blame, as they tend to sweep their son's mental illness under the rug, as if it were shameful or something.  They don't push their kids to leave the nest, or even charge them rent.  They allow the child (still a child at 25!) to acquire weapons - AR-15s, Japanese Kantanas, and of course, various home-made explosives.  The parents are usually the first victims when their deranged son goes on a killing spree.  But by the time the child has acquired their first weapon, it is too late.  The parents are already living in fear of a violent outburst from their own child, so they ignore the problem for another day and hope it goes away.

In other cases, the parent actually encourages aberrant behavior.  "I know what will cheer him up!  A trip to the shooting range and that new AR-15 he's always wanted!"  It is akin to signing your own death warrant.  Yet parents do this, unable to figure out how to push their 20-something mentally-ill son out of the nest.

I read online a story (whether it is true or not, I don't know) of parents so afraid of their own kid, they set him up with an apartment, paid the rent for the first year, got him a checking account and credit card and then sold their house and moved - leaving no forwarding address.  No doubt the kid was homeless after a year - or many he saw this as a wake-up call and got a job and started taking care of himself.

Nah. That rarely happens.  Once you have that pod living in your basement,  you are screwed.

But getting back to non-white white supremacy, is self-loathing a part and parcel of the deal as well?  Perhaps.  There has been some speculation that some of these mass-shooters have issues over their own race or background.  And it goes without saying that a closeted homosexual raised in a strict religious upbringing is a bomb waiting to go off.

This fellow, who was half-Filipino was said to have such issues, convinced he was "ugly" and thus unable to attract a mate.  It was all in his head, I'm afraid.  But having a foot in two camps can be difficult.  The black teenager raised in a white suburb may find they are not really accepted by their white peers at the all-white high school - and neither are they accepted by inner-city blacks.  My Korean friend, raised in America since age 8, tells me he is treated poorly when he travels to Korea on business - people think he is retarded, as he speaks with the vocabulary of an 8-year-old.  My adopted Chinese friend faces the backlash caused by the anti-Asian posturing of the GOP, while at the same time, mocked by Chinese foreign exchange students for not understanding Mandarin or Chinese culture.

You have a foot in both camps, but again, are welcome by none.  That could mess with your head.  Then again, millions of people have gone through this sort of thing and not shot up a school or became Nazis.  So that seems to me more of a cop-out than a motivation.

No, no, I think plain old vanilla mental illness is at work.  That and the allure of jumping on a bandwagon, even if it is set to run over your whole family.  People like to join causes - to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be a part of history.  To be famous - or if not, infamous.  And the latter is one reason why the media is shying away from mentioning the name of or profiling, mass-shooters.

As for the Hispanic and Black Nazis, well, I think they are also mentally ill, but are "useful idiots" and in fact quite useful idiots to the party that recently tried to overthrow the government.  They are perfect windup soldiers, and the fact they are of the wrong race only helps fuel "false flag" conspiracy theories and whatnot.  A black Nazi provides the GOP with "plausible deniability" if something should go wrong. "Hey, he isn't one of us!  We're racists, remember?"  Sometimes being odious comes in handy, don't it?

But I think the real reason is just overshoot.  They are targeting this "white supremacy" nonsense at young white men, and as collateral damage, are picking up a few mixed-race individuals who think somehow "white supremacy" might include them.  They are in for an education in short order.