Thursday, May 12, 2022

Condo Rehab


We finished with the condo.  What do you think?

We finally finished rehabbing the condo.  It was well over a week of backbreaking work, 10 hours a day at least. But on the other hand, we would have paid over $5,000 to a contractor that they would have done a half-assed painting job and still no carpeting. So I think we saved some money in the process, and the end result was better as well.

As I noted before, the math is kind of screwy. The development is scheduled for demolition sometime in 2025 or 2026, but these numbers seemed uncertain. Thus, doesn't make a lot of sense to pour a lot of money into the place when it's going to be torn down. For example, the bedroom and bathroom doors had some damage as the previous tenants had put thumbtacks into the doors to hang calendars or something. I could have replace the doors, but would have the expense been worth it?

Being a landlord is no Swiss picnic. And when you're scrubbing someone else's fecal matter of the toilet at two in the morning, you realize why.