Thursday, January 14, 2021

Nonsense about Covid and 5G Cell Towers and Vaccines

Just because someone makes a YouTube video, doesn't mean what they say is true.

A reader sends me a video, whose link I will not repeat here, as when you link to something it enhances the listing on search engines.  Needless to say, it must be easy to find online as a neighbor of mine also told me about it.

The video starts with this scary lady looking into the camera in some sort of Zoom call.  She blathers on about her credentials, which we have to take on faith. She is a Doctor of Doctorology or something and an "expert" on these things.  But what she says is batshit crazy and makes no sense at all.

She starts off with the Covid Vaccine.  It has "metals" in it, and when injected, turn your whole body into a 5G "antenna".

OK, stop right there.  Even assuming a vaccine has some "metals" in it (and mercury compounds were at one time used as a preservative) there isn't enough in the few cc's of a shot to do what she claims it could.  In fact, no amount of "metals" in your bloodstream would turn you into an "antenna" - and even if it could, the amount of metal needed to make an antenna would probably kill you.  You see, she may be a Doctor of Doctorology, but I'm an Electrical Engineer and was forced to take courses in Electromagnetics.  Injecting a liquid antenna?  No, just not possible.

But it gets worse.  She claims the vaccine has something called "Luciferium" in it - which doesn't exist, other than in a video game - but you see where she is going with this mystic religious angle, and also claims the "Gates Foundation" got "Patent Number 060606" (The Mark of the Beast!) after filing for it in March of 2020.

You see, the new world order, the lizard people, and the Illuminati, they are all so super-smart as to control the world, but they leave obvious clues as to their plans by putting pyramids on the dollar bill and so forth.  Just like the Riddler on Batman leaves "clues" - that's how you solve crimes!  So of course, they arrange to have the Patent number include the mark of the beast and also include a non-existent chemical named after Satan.  I mean, well, they are just that smart!

OK, well, I'm also a Patent Attorney and I know that Patent numbers have no leading zeros and have seven or eight digits.   It is also a simple matter to search the records of the USPTO to check this:

Searching US Patent Collection...

Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
AN/"gates foundation"
: 5 patents.
Hits 1 through out of 5



PAT. NO.Title
Boron-containing small molecules
Boron-containing small molecules
Boron-containing small molecules
Multi-functional fecal waste and garbage processor and associated methods
Multi-functional fecal waste and garbage processor and associated methods

As you can see, the Gates Foundation has only five Patents, none of which has the number "060606" in them, their application numbers, priority documents, publication numbers - nothing.  Moreover, the Patents are, as you might expect, directed toward third world health issues - treating sewage and fighting bacterial - not viral - infections.

But her weird ideas get weirder. She claims the "Gates" vaccine contains microchips!  And these microchips will "monitor" you and phone back to the mother ship with all sorts of personal data - your blood pressure and your general health - and even when you are having sex!  Oh me! Oh my!

Again, she may be a Doctor of Doctorology (oddly enough, while the far-right questions Jill Biden's credentials in this regard, this crazy lady gets a pass), but again, I'm an Electrical Engineer. Yes, microchips are small - but they are called microchips, not "nanochips".  If I was going to "embed a chip" in someone, it would be a subcutaneous chip - inserted under the skin.  Some people actually do this, to embed a payment chip - like on your credit card (and look how big that sucker is!) so you can wand your arm at a payment terminal.  I've heard of this being done in Europe, but I doubt it would become a "thing" in the USA just because of the tin foil brigade.  They do, of course, implant them in pets as well, but again, these are subcutaneous chips, not these mythical injectable "nanochips" that could go into your bloodstream.

Oh, sure, people talk about nanotechnolgy doing amazing things - someday.  Someday keeps getting put off for some reason, though.  But to send a radio signal from your bloodstream?  It just isn't possible with today's technology, and quite frankly, it doesn't seem like it would even be possible in the near future, if ever.

The other problem is a pretty obvious one. Even assuming this mythical technology could be developed today and you could mass inject this into billions of people, it would be a simple matter to detect such radio signals with even the most elementary equipment. In other words, if there's a conspiracy to inject people with chips even a traditional subcutaneous chip, it would be readily discovered in short order. You can't hide radio signals.

So right off the bat, we have a problem - getting a microchip small enough to go through the needle of a hypodermic would be problematic, which is to say, impossible.  Even if you could put such a chip in the bloodstream of a human, it would almost immediately cause some sort of blockage as it went through the vascular system - it would easily get caught in even the largest of capillaries.  You would end up with a nasty blood clot or even a stroke.  I am not sure what nefarious things the Gates foundation is up to, but a 100% mortality rate would serve no one's interest.

But even a subcutaneous chip, if installed, would have trouble sending data more than a few feet - or even inches. Sure, they showed this on a James Bond movie, where Daniel Craig was given a subcutaneous chip (not injected) under his skin to "track" him.  The reality is, such a small chip, like the one in your credit card, can barely communicate with a point-of-sale terminal when you tap it.  Have  you even tried these things?  I am not even sure what the point of them is - they don't work half the time.

The RFID devices you see in stores are passive devices.  They have a flat antenna that is about a square inch in size.  When you pass through those bollards on the way out of Home Depot, you are passing through an electromagnetic field.  This induces a small current in the flat antenna which in turn causes a tiny chip to chirp out a binary number, which is read by the antennas in the bollards inside the door of the store.  Don't believe me? Just take apart an RFID device sometime, and you'll see all the components, including the loops of foil making up the antenna.

Now think about this - a device about the size of half a cigarette can only chirp out a numerical code - that's it.  And it can only transmit a few feet.  These folks want us to believe that a tiny chip small enough to pass through a hypodermic can in fact, monitor your entire body and transmit this data - without any power source whatsoever, over feet, yards, and even miles, to be read by Bill Gates, so he can tell when you're having sex.

It is just physically impossible.  But more to the point, why on earth would Bill Gates care if you are having an orgasm?  Or anything else for that matter?  I mean, all he really needs to do is read your Facebook page - where rioters gleefully post selfies of themselves vandalizing the Nation's Capital.  That is a lot more low-effort than trying to inject people with chips.

OK, so the whole thing is batshit crazy - and you probably saw that right off the bat.  But what about other people?  The scary thing is, today, this sort of theory - and many others like it - have great credence with a lot of people.  There are people who believe the moon landing was faked, people who believe there are aliens in area 51, people who believe the earth is flat, and - get this - people who believe that Donald Trump is a financial genius!

Who is spreading this stuff and why?  Well, I think we know who - certain entities that want to sow chaos in the USA.  Chaos favors the enemies of our Republic - the enemies of Democracy.  They see our freedom as a weakness and use our own freedoms against us. Not only do they create weird conspiracy theories like this, they promote and encourage ones that form organically as well.  They throw a ton of shit against the wall and hope that some of it sticks - a something-for-everyone approach to disinformation. A regular buffet of batshit.  Anti-vaxxers?  New World Order? The Great Reset?  End Times Theology?  Hey, this Doctor of Doctorology lady has all those bases covered.  But other conspiracy theories are designed to ensnare white supremacists, racists, and antisemites.  That's why the rag-tag mob assaulting the Capitol was a rag-tag mob. They were not united under one cause, but under an umbrella of insanity.

Sadly, this video - and hundreds of others like it - are all over Youtube, and a lot of people watch them and "like" them on Facebook. Another reader sends me a video which has a guy droning on in a low voice, supposedly quoting George Carlin. In the background, weird, soothing music with low tones and a slow beat with the same cadence as the human heartbeat.  The video is unrelated to the audio and is just weird hypnotizing patterns and images.  It is designed to hypnotize and seduce the viewer.  It is propaganda - cleverly prepared propaganda.

The telling thing about it was that there was no real author listed, so we have no idea who is making these videos. When you click on the "about me" link, it just has some blathering about how "This a motivational channel is for people who are looking for ways to improve their life in terms of financial, mental, and fulfilment [sic]."  No word on who these people are.

The message in the video was more along the lines of "the deck is stacked against you, so why bother trying?  The whole system needs to be overthrown!" Such inspiring motivation!  Gee, I wonder who might want to send us a message like this?  Vlad, is that you?

Of course, these sort of things are not just directed at the USA.  People "self-radicalize" to ISIS online, in many Western countries - usually young people with unfinished minds, often quite well off, leaving a prosperous life behind to fight someone else's cause - often a horrific cause, as we have seen.  The videos we are seeing today are the same idea - to "self-radicalize" Americans to bizarre "causes" like anti-vaxxing and Qanon or whatever else sows chaos and dissent.

Needless to say, we need to turn away from messages like this, and in no uncertain terms, tell friends and family members that are buying a one-way ticket to crazytown if they go down this rabbit-hole.  Conspiracy theories are a dead-end, both for the individual and for society.  And sadly, it seems that a large number of people in our society are perfectly willing to throw everything away - everything we have striven for, for over 200 years - because of something they saw on YouTube or read on Facebook.

We can't let them.