Saturday, August 25, 2012

Corporate Socialism Lives!

International Paper donated land to make a handicapped accessible campsite in the Adirondacks.  It is completely free and very under-utilized.

I wrote before about Corporate Socialism and how it is largely dead.  A half-century ago, companies would spend money on social programs and social goods, even if they did not pay back in terms of publicity, advertising, or a benefit to the company.  Today, in this dog-eat-dog bottom-line world, such things are the first on the chopping block, once the Bain Capitals of the world take over.  There is no room for sentiment or good deeds in the Corporate Board Room anymore.

Well, there are a few exceptions.  International Paper donated land to build the John Dillon Park, a private park that is handicapped accessible, in the Adirondacks, near Long Lake.  There are only about a dozen sites, and they are all FREE and include lean-tos and picnic tables.  They even deliver firewood to your site, free of charge.  Students from nearby Paul Smith's College, studying to be forest rangers or whatever, run the place.  It is immaculate, beautiful, remote, and free.

Unfortunately, we arrived on the last day of the year they are open, and at 3:00 in the Afternoon.  So, we sat out on the dock and opened a bottle of Champagne, and toasted John Dillion.  And at 6:00 they booted our asses out, the last visitors for 2012.

If you are looking for a place to camp in the Adirondacks, it is worth checking out, doubly so if you, a friend, or a family member are handicapped.....

Corporate Socialism.  It lives!