Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is Trump a Coke-Head?

The sniffling and narcissism would seem to indicate he is a coke-head.  His bloating body weight might indicate otherwise.   But then again, John Belushi.

In a recent article, Carrie Fisher, who apparently knows what it is to be a coke-head, opined that the sniffling of Trump at the debate indicates he is doing lines.   We listened to the debate rather than watching it, as we were trapped in Western Georgia during the hurricane (no damage, thanks) and had only NPR to listen to.  Like with the Kennedy-Nixon debates, those listening had a different experience than those viewing.

We heard a LOT of sniffles from the Trumpmeister.  After every sentence it was "SNIFF!" and we thought either he had wicked allergies or had done a few lines before the debate.

And in a way, it makes sense - the narcissism and the constant blathering about how "great" and "beautiful" and "huge" things will be are all part and parcel of the coke-head milieu.  I have had to deal with coke-heads in the past, and I can tell you they are fucking annoying.  They always have grand plans, but are very vague on details.

And when you press them for details, they get very angry.   In the business world, coke-heads get ahead by taking credit for the actions of others and then denigrating and attacking anyone who disagrees with them.   They succeed - for a while, sometimes a long while - until eventually they crash and burn as reality, long denied, comes crashing into their fantasy world and eventually even their most ardent supporters abandon them.

Is Trump a coke-head?   It would certainly appear so.  His penchant for coke-head styles and fashions (glitzy and glamorous and tacky) seem to fit the bill.   And while usually coke-heads are deathly thin, there are exceptions to the rule, such as the aforementioned John Belushi and his successor Chris Farley.  So chubby Trump could be a coke-head, even though he is fat.

But in the end analysis it makes no difference.   Because a Presidential candidate who acts like a coke-head is just as bad as one who is - perhaps worse.   If he acts the way he does without the influence of drugs it is all the more appalling.   After all, one can blame poor behavior on drugs, and then quit the drugs and end up a respectable citizen.

But if you are just an asshole normally, well, there is no cure or re-hab, is there?