Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Outlawing Hamburgers

The far-left has given Trump all the ammo he needs to win next years' election.

The Democratic Demolition derby continues to go on.  A few participants are out of contention early.  Smokin' Joe might have blown a head gasket, but he hangs in there, while Kamala Harris appears to have stripped the gears in her tranny.  If she can't get it moving in the next few minutes, she'll be disqualified.

But of course, this is just the preliminaries. The "winner" of this contest, goes on to fight the incumbent President in the next election.   And he's got a pristine, brand-new "beast" to drive in that round.  Meanwhile, whoever wins the Democratic Primary will come to the general election pretty well bashed and beat-up.   It isn't a fair fight, and ousting an incumbent never is.

But Democrats are unnecessarily making things harder than they have to - to the point where I think they actually want to lose, so that they are not blamed for the next recession, and also to get the far-left to shut up and sit down.  Trump's campaign ads - and those of associated PACs - have juicy soundbites to work with.  They can claim - with a straight face - that Democrats want to outlaw cars and hamburgers and force everyone to become vegan.   It isn't quite true, of course, but some on the far-left actually believe this sort of thing.  So all you have to do is trot out some sound bites and people will believe.

The problem with these positions is that while they may have currency in some extreme leftist enclaves on the coasts, in the rest of America (who also can vote) they make no sense whatsoever.  We are in Indiana, after driving across Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Washington State, and Oregon.   Most of these States are largely agricultural, and many of them have large cattle and dairy businesses, as well as crop business related to dairy and cattle.   Huge bales of hay are trucked down the road and then stacked up to build barns of hay bales and then covered with tarps - that's a lot of cows to feed!   When you start talking about outlawing hamburgers - or even implying that the meat business is bad for the environment (which it may or may not be - that's beside the point) you are going to lose votes and lose elections in those States.   Veganism doesn't sell in cattle country.

I drive the most popular selling vehicle in America, the Ford F150.   And there are a lot of them out there, too - not only in the wild west, but in the big cities as well.   Arguably GM sells even more pickup trucks, but loses out in the "best selling" contest because they brand them as Chevies and GMCs.   The point is, Americans love their pickup trucks and big SUVs and that isn't about to change anytime soon.   The Democrats position is, you are a bad person for eating a hamburger and driving a pickup truck and should be punished.    Maybe that isn't actually their position, but it is what they appear to be selling.

I said before, you don't win elections by telling people they are pieces of shit.  Maybe you'll get the masochist vote, but that is a slim slice of the electorate.   But not only that, the idea of telling one group of people they are right and another they are wrong, is just, well, wrong.   You see, many on the "left" are also politically incorrect, but try to bumper-sticker over their transgressions.  I don't know how many people with "Coexist" bumper stickers I see speeding in a Prius, because they are late for the global warming protest.

Or take my politically-correct brother (please!) who now drives a lumbering SUV, but only after his hippie theater group dumped or leaked toxic chemicals (acetone) at their commune-farm - and left rotting old buses by the side of the road there to slowly leak oil into the ground.   And how many "politically correct" types do you see driving cars that burn oil?   It's like the "public transit advocate" who has to drive their Volvo to the important public transit meeting because, they're important and everyone else should be taking the bus.

The point is, no one is 100% right or 100% wrong in these debates. And we need to realize that each side has something important to say, rather than just shouting each other down.