Saturday, December 31, 2016

Back to the Future, Part II

It seems we are re-living the 1970's all over again.
Back when I was a kid in the 1970's, we had Jerry Brown as Governor of California.   Cuomo was Governor of New York.  And of course, Trudeau was Prince of Canada.   And a guy named Donald Trump was making waves in New York City.

Not much has changed since then, it seems.  There is still a Cuomo in the governor's mansion in Albany and a Trudeau in Ottawa (thank God our Canadian friends don't have political dynasties like we have here in the States!).  And Jerry Brown - the original, not a copy - is again in the governor's mansion in California - this time as a fiscal conservative who is helping to rescue the State from insolvency.

Other relics from that era are starting to resurface, including self-proclaimed "revolutionary" terrorists who are up for parole.  Judith Clark, who assisted in an armed robbery as part of a plan to ignite a race war in America and start a "revolution" recently had her sentence commuted by Governor Cuomo - and may be eligible for parole as early as next year - which no doubt is good news to the families of the two police officers and security guard mercilessly gunned down during that robbery.  Cuomo argued that Clark had been "reformed" in prison and at age 67 was no longer a threat to society.   One of the other robbers is now a professor at Columbia University (where else?) and another was the step-father of the late Tupac Shakur - illustrating the whole apple-and-tree analogy.   You can't make this shit up.

Leslie Van Houten, who helped kill two people as part of the Manson killing spree - also in an effort to start a "race war" in America, is actually been recommended for parole, but was turned down by Governor Jerry Brown, the same Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown who used to be governor of California back in the 1970's.  Another Manson follower is also up for parole, but it appears Brown would block that, if granted.   Brown apparently has learned from experience in office and wisely decided that a terrorist, murderer, and self-proclaimed "revolutionary" should stay in jail for the rest of their lives.   He needs to have a chat with Cuomo and tell him how it's done.

While Brown seems to have learned from the lessons of the 1970's, a new generation of Left-wing politicians are still somewhat tone-deaf.   Commuting the sentence of Judith Clark is a slap in the face to the family members of the officers and guard who died during that robbery.  And tonight, the Governor and a group of his elite friends will be having a private cocktail party aboard the brand-new 2nd Avenue subway line in Gotham City (unless the Joker intervenes!) - but of course, it is invitation only.  Thank God the Democrats are not elitists!

One reason Democrats have been losing elections across the country is that they come across as disengaged from the lives of ordinary citizens.   The perception is that Democrats believe that everyone in jail is either innocent or has been reformed and that criminals should go free.   The reality is, of course, that crime has dropped dramatically since the 1970's.  But reality is not what swings elections - perception is.

Moreover, there is something unseemly about people who commit atrocious crimes just for the hell of it.   The man who shoots a store clerk during an armed robbery because he needed drug money is no saint.  But next to the guy who shoots people just because he likes to watch people die, he looks a lot better.   Similarly, killing innocent people because of some "revolutionary" or political cause (particularly one that is far-fetched) is also obscene.   Just because the political system isn't to your liking, doesn't mean you have the right to kill people.   You could try voting or organizing a political party - or just compromising.

Today we rightfully call such people "terrorists" and condemn them soundly.  And no, terrorists should not be let out of prison because they seem like nice people - in prison.

Jerry Brown seems to "get" this.   While you may feel "sorry" for these young women who were drawn into the cult of Manson, the horrific crimes they committed are unforgivable.   Life in prison is not too harsh a punishment for people who stab a pregnant woman 17 times.  And no, we don't feel better about them because they "couldn't go through" with cutting Sharon Tate's baby from her womb.   You simply can't reform that level of mayhem.

Democrats will keep losing elections and lose what little control they have in this country so long as they appear to be living in isolated bubbles.  The Democratic party needs to shed its image as the party that is the friend to criminals, and the enemy of the police and the tax-paying citizen.  Until that changes, nothing will change.