Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Resistance IS Futile, Part II

If you don't like the way things are going, then vote for a candidate who will change things - a candidate that has a reasonable chance of winning, that is.

The lady who owns the "Red Hen" restaurant wrote an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post the other day, defending her actions in tossing Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, out of her restaurant.  I am not sure why she did this, as opposed to merely spitting in her food, which is what other restaurateurs do to customers they don't like (now you know why I don't eat out much).  By the way, I am not kidding about that last part.  You eat in a restaurant often enough, you will get sick, by design.  You just have to hope they don't put Visine in your food and permanently damage your liver.

Anyway, it started a shitstorm, and this lady, a year later, writes to say that despite all the hate mail, her business is doing OK, and perhaps even better than before, as people started sending her money, coming to the restaurant, or buying gift certificates or "red hen spices'" whatever those are.  So I guess the point is, tossing Sarah Sanders out of your restaurant is good for business!  But I am not sure how this act of "resistance" accomplished anything at all.   Oh, I guess this lady is solely responsible for Trump reversing course on his family border separation policy.  If so, job well done! 

But I don't actually think that is the case.  Plus, so many of these kids have yet to be reunited.  Better toss out Sarah Sanders again!   Maybe this will replace dwarf tossing as a new pub sport (and apparently a politically correct one, as well).  If we can just toss Sarah Sanders out of enough restaurants, real change can occur!   So to all you restaurateurs out there in the DC area, get tossing!  The resistance is counting on you!

Sarah Sanders is an interesting case.  I will go full-on misogynist here and point out that she is as ugly as sin.  Yes, I know that is politically incorrect, but she looks like a refugee from a trailer park, what with the frumpy clothes she wears and the long, stringy hair (long hair on mature women rarely works, ladies, just saying).  Does she get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say to herself, "I look hot!" or even "This is a professional look!"  I mean, it is hard to believe she is Bernie Sanders' sister, or Colonel Sanders' niece - or whatever she is supposed to be.  I know she is related to someone famous, otherwise, why would she have this job?

It is hard to stay mad at her, however, as it appears she is the only one in the Trump administration who actually needs the paycheck.  What with the pickup truck in the shop, the kids needing lunch money and whatnot, I am sure the folks back home in Hootin' Hollar, West Virginia, really appreciate it when she sends those Western Union money orders every week.   This lady needs the money, and tossing her out of your restaurant because you don't accept her food stamps is just plain wrong.

OK, that was wrong, too.  But I can't help but smile whenever I see Sarah Sanders, because I can't believe anyone takes her seriously.   She has survived in this job - a job that has taken a toll on the careers of a few others before her - only because she is so willing to spit out bald-faced lies, which you sort of have to do when defending Trump's Tweetstorms.   Like I said, I think she actually needs the money, and this gig is more profitable than walking a street corner at the trailer park, although both jobs involve whoring.

But all that aside, I am not sure this "resistance" thing has accomplished bubkis.   Even if we take this Red Hen lady's account at face value, all she is saying is that being a dick to people in the Trump administration is good for business.  She also seems to be taunting the folks who sent her death threats - implying that they were all bluster and no action.  This might be a foolish thing to do, given that most have forgotten about the incident by this point - why rub salt in the wound?   Some wind-up soldier will no doubt take up the cause, after people on 4chan or 8chan or 20chan or whatever, start the hate-mongering again.

The incident at the restaurant didn't change anyone's mind about Trump.  People who hate him still hate him.  People who love him still love him.  The vast majority of Americans are embarrassed by him, of course, but many are willing to go along with his brand of buffoonery because of tax cuts, deregulation, a bull market, and so forth.   In other words, actual policies, and not tweets.   Whatever this lady was hoping to accomplish by throwing out a low-level administration official, I doubt it changed anyone's mind one iota.  Well, except that it may have convinced a lot of people that the Democratic Party has gone off the rails (much as the GOP has) and that their "solutions" to Trump are as hair-brained as he is.

Unfortunately, this "resistance" will insure that we have four more years of the Trump nightmare.  These "resistors" (~1KΩ)  are going to insure that the Democratic nominee is some nutjob "socialist" who will scare people into either voting for Trump or merely staying home.   Worse yet, they will spend all their energy tearing down a moderate candidate who could actually beat Trump.

And I know this because these same people who are "resisting" (i.e., doing nothing, mostly) were the same ones who spread rumors about Hillary online and generally ran her down in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election.   If you peel off the "Resist 45!" bumper sticker from this Red Hen lady's Subaru, I am sure there is a "Feel the Bern 2016!" sticker underneath.

The "resistance" isn't the solution, it is the problem.