Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Wait, What? How Many of These Are There? Identity-Theft Politics Again?

What's the deal with white people pretending to be minorities?

In the news again, another "person" - and yes, "they" want to be referred to as "they" - has been exposed as posing as a minority when in fact they are white.  And sadly, once again, this isn't just some delusional person who pretends to be a minority before their friends and family, but someone who decides to take a leadership position based on this false claim of minority status.

In case you are keeping score, we had Rachel Doezel, who was head of the local chapter of the NAACP before her parents "outed" her.  Then there was Jessica Krug, a professor at GWU teaching racial whatever (a sure path to a secure job!), before she was outed as white.  Then there was Ward Churchill, who was pretending to be an Indian while poisoning the minds of young students at CSU by arguing - among other things - that the victims of the 9/11 attacks had it coming. Then there was "CV Vitolo-Haddad" - another one of these "they" people, also teaching in academia, also forced to step down when it was found out she/he/it was posing as another race (and apparently, gender).

It is like when you switch the lights on in the kitchen and the cockroaches scatter.  How many more of these fuckers are out there?

A lot.

You see, in addition to  the numerous people who are brazenly claiming racial identity, often for personal gain (teaching position, position of leadership, attention) there are many other who are not claiming racial identity, but hijacking racial causes.  In a recent incident, some "Antifart" protesters climbed on top of a police car and started smashing in the windows with hammers - with officers inside!  They claimed it was an "outrage" when the officers tried to drive off to save themselves.  I mean, can't they just sit still while we bludgeon them to death with the hammers?  Sheesh!

But what was interesting about the attack was they interviewed one of the young men who jumped on the police car and he said something along the lines of  "Well, me and another organizer jumped on the police car to get it to stop!"   Now, both these kids were white as ghosts and from the comfortable suburbs.  Where do they get off calling themselves organizers of a Black Lives Matter protest?  And when do protest organizers attack the police?  I mean legitimate protest organizers, that is.

But these were just bored kids who anointed themselves as "organizers" of a BLM protest, because, you know, black people are too dumb to do that themselves, right?  Sheesh!

The point is, this racial appropriation (don't they call it "Cultural Appropriation" in the school cafeteria?) is much greater than we think.   And I suspect in the coming days, more and more people will be "outed" as posing as people of color, or as sexual minorities (much easier to do - since we abolished the initiation ceremonies) or whatever.

What is alarming is so much of this nonsense is going on in academia.  This "they" crap for example - it has no traction outside of colleges and universities.  But the media has bit on this as well, and goes along with calling people by their "preferred pronouns".

What is really disgusting about this latest revelation is that the person renamed themselves (what is it with the renaming?) as "Satchuel" and their online persona is "Satch Paige" - a misspelling of the name of that famous black baseball player.

What's next?  Some white guy coloring his skin and calling himself "Malcomb EX"?

Just wait for it....