Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Leader of a White Supremacist Group is.... Black? WTF?


People named "Enrique" should understand that they are pretty much first in line when the holocaust comes.

I really haven't been following the news too much, particularly these fringe groups.  But this fellow who calls himself "Henry" but is actually named "Enrique" is complaining that the conditions in the DC jail are deplorable and he should be let out early.  Fortunately, the Judge did not agree.

When I saw his photo, I thought to myself, "Gee, the leader of a white supremacist fascist movement is... black?  Or maybe he just needs to shave more?"

But I looked it up online and indeed, he is "Afro-Cuban" which means black.  A black white supremacist - Dave Chappell couldn't make this shit up!  Well, he already did, I guess.

Clayton Bigsby, the black white supremacist!

It also seems that Enrique is also a snitch - and we all know that snitches get stitches.  So maybe that is one reason he wants out of DC jail - for his own safety!  All those dangerous black men in there might mess up a delicate white fellow such as himself.

I kid, but I mentioned before how racism is a worldwide thing.  It is very prevalent in Central and South America, and in Caribbean countries.  The lighter skinned people tend to rise to the top of government, business, and industry, and no one will admit to having native or African blood, unless of course it is quite obvious.  If you read Waiting for Snow in Havana, you realize why so many Cubans supported Castro, even as he destroyed the economy.  For Afro-Cubans, life under Communism was harsh, but still better than life under Capitalism.

So it is odd to me that this fellow seems to think that being part of a far-right fascist organization is going to work for him.  Or maybe this is just part of his snitching operation - he is operating under deep cover!  Or, maybe it is part of a self-loathing he has for himself - hence re-inventing himself as "Henry" instead of proudly calling himself "Enrique" as his parents named him.  Maybe he feels that if he plays nice with the white supremacists, they will let them in their little club.  Maybe, but I doubt they will.

Or maybe this is some sort of long-suppressed homoerotic attraction he has to white guys, as his "Proud Boys" (itself an interesting name - Boys?) is an all-male organization.  Hey, I'm a member of an all-male organization, too!  Maybe they'll let me in their club as well!  What night is orgy night?  I'll bring my toga!

Now, granted, the "Proud Boys" claim not to be white supremacists, but the organization was founded by a white supremacist and only "renounced" white supremacy after "Henry" took charge. Nevertheless, they still support white genocide theories and the lingering stench of white supremacy festers just below the surface.

Or maybe, like I said, Enrique is going under "deep cover" to disrupt and foil the plans of the far-right.  But I doubt it. Oddly enough, many Cuban-Americans are very right-wing and tend to vote Republican. Many are still upset that they, or their parents, or their grandparents, lost huge estates, businesses, casinos, prostitution rings, or just cushy government jobs, as a result of the Castro revolution.  They are not so much right-wing as virulently anti-Communist.  They want all their stuff back!  But that ain't happening.

What is funny to me though, as a bona-fide "white guy" is that such folks latch onto a "white supremacy" movement, not realizing that, among really white people, anyone with roots in a Mediterranean country is very suspect in terms of who gets into the country club. Sorry, but Spanish or even Italian descent is not considered proper Anglo-Saxon, and indeed, prejudice against those groups has been notorious in the past, and even today.  I am not saying that is right, only reporting what happened.

Yes, maybe a light-skinned Cuban can "pass" as "Spanish" and maybe get into the white-man's club on a probationary basis.  But don't think that gets you into the Klan!   And the moment the shit hits the fan, well, the white folks will be quick to throw you under the bus, particularly if it means their own survival, politically, economically, or physically.

And someone with as deep a tan as "Enrique"?   They aren't going to let him into the club at all - other than in the servant's entrance.   Proud Boy?   More like Bus Boy - that is how the people he is sucking up to will treat him.  And don't blame me, the messenger, for telling you this, it is the God's honest truth.  The white supremacists of the world do not consider Hispanics to be "white."

Discrimination is wrong. Racism is wrong. And minority groups trying to join or lead racist white supremacist organizations is not only wrong, it is ridiculous.

However, ridiculousness never seems to have bothered Enrique in the past, or indeed, today.  He is a very ridiculous man.  Or should I say, Boy?