Tuesday, February 8, 2022

PayPal Credit? No Thanks!

PayPal really sucks.  And it doesn't surprise me Elon Musk was involved in it.

Recently, I tried to "steal the cheese" as one reader encouraged me to do.  Mark wanted to paint our dining room chairs, as a neighbor of ours had done.  They are old, solid oak school chairs, but kind of dingy.  They would be fun with a nice coat of paint on them, so we thought why not try this heirloom "all-in-one" paint kit.  They sell a "free" sample with a coupon code and you can buy a "kit" for $40.  I bought one of each, and the "kit" was only $20 by signing up for a  PayPal credit account ($20 bonus).  I figured I would just cancel the card later one, which I did - or tried to do.

I wrote about PayPal before and how they were kind of shadyThey still are - the latest thing is pushing Bitcoin, which an astute reader notes really isn't Bitcoin but... whatever. I'm not biting on that piece of turd.   You can just tell that all this crapola is a scam - Bitcoin, Crypto, Stonks, NFTs - whatever.  It is just kids playing with money and adults taking it from them.  There are a lot of stupid gullible people in the world.  A simple trip to Vegas will illustrate that for you, if you are observant.  Of course, today, gullibility is the new norm.  Look at all these idiotic protesters (of every stripe) or anti-vaxxers and flat earth people.  You just know they are all broke and heavily in debt - that is why they are so angry all the time.  Life is just not working out for them the way they thought it would be.

Act rationally in an irrational world.  If you do that, you'll easily end up well-off and comfortable.  But if you pine for a Bernie Presidency (or a Trump redux) and refuse to do anything in your own best interests until the revolution comes, well, you'll end up sad and broke.  You'd be surprised how many pick the latter option.  And by that, I don't mean poor people living in the ghetto, but educated young white kids from affluent middle-class families who threw it all away in a fit of pique.  It is an old game, too - my siblings all fell for that stupid "anti-materialism" trap as well. 

But I digress.

The upshot was that PayPal gave me my twenty bucks (where's my money, bitch?) and I thought I would close the account as I don't like having a lot of "dormant" credit accounts laying about.  Closing the account was about medium hard, I would say - they force you to "chat" with a retention specialist.

After the chat, they asked me to take a survey, which I did, giving them all 5's except for the ultimate question - the "net promoter score" - which is the whole enchilada.  I gave them a 1 and the survey HTML bombed out and gave an error message.  I guess that is one way to improve your net promoter score!

Not also how the "chat" bot said they could help me with my Amazon credit account - which I don't have.  Silly chat bot!  I guess "Synchrony" financial handles both PayPal and Amazon credit as well.

PayPal just comes across like a carnival barker, and because of that, I don't trust them.  Then again, the major banks are playing this game as well.  I guess this is the new way - everyone scamming everyone else - the scam economy.

Of course, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop - they probably want their 20 bucks back!

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how do I close my paypal credit account?
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I understand you would like to close your account. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you know that with your PayPal Credit Account, you receive special credit offers, no annual fee and $0 fraud liability? If you still wish to close your account, select the link below.

Confirm Close Account
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Confirm Close Account
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I understand and we will miss you. Just so you're aware, once you close your account:
• It cannot be reopened.
• Payments will still be required on any existing balance.
• Any recurring charges will need to be cancelled with the merchant.
If you would still like to close your account, you can continue by selecting the link below.

Connect to Live Chat
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Connected to Live Chat
Customer Service Representative: Kat Ashley
Welcome to PayPal Credit Live Chat. Your chat will be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. A chat agent will be with you momentarily.
Hi , Thank you for contacting Synchrony regarding your Amazon.com store card. My name is Kat and I am a live representative.
How are you doing today Robert?
I would like to close my paypal credit account.
I am sorry to know you wish to close the account. I will help you with it.
May I know the reason for the closure and if I could help you with it?
I don't use it. Too many open accounts.
Thank you Robert for the details. Sure, we respect your decision. I would go ahead and close the account for you. However, we would need the below authorization to close the account.
"Please be aware once any [PayPal Credit] account is closed it cannot be reopened. If there is a balance on the account, payments are still required. In addition, any rewards will be forfeited immediately".<br />"Robert bell would you like to keep your [PayPal Credit] account open?"
No. Please close the account
Thank you for the authorization Robert. I have gone ahead and closed the account. Thank you for being our valuable customer, We wish to have you with us again in future.