Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The 2016 Election

Things are about to get very ugly.

The 2016 election is Hillary's to lose.  If the election were held today, against any Republican contender, she would win in a landslide.

But in about a year-and-a-half, it is going to turn into a nailbiter - and she may in fact lose.   Why is this?


We all like to think we are immune to advertising.   But we aren't.   The same idea, presented again, and again, and again, starts to gain traction in the brain.   Pretty soon, you are believing that Saddam Hussein plotted 9/11 and that our "friends and allies" in Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with it.   All it takes is about six months of media blitz.

And the Koch Brothers have pledged nearly a billion dollars to defeat Hillary in the upcoming election.

How will this do this?  Advertising.   In the coming months, you will hear the word "Benghazi" so many times, you will want to scream.   The Koch Brothers will pay the entire State of Montana to stand outside holding flashlights, spelling out the word, "Benghazi" so that it can be seen from the International Space Station.

You will hear a lot - and awful lot - of gloomy ads with grainy, out-of-focus, unflattering pictures of Hillary, with the doom-and-gloom music played in the background.

And they will grind this shit into your head to the point where you will start to think, "You know, I used to like Hillary, but there are all those questions about Benghazi!"

Oh, and she eats pizza with a fork.

Yea, that is about what you can expect the "News" to report.   A candidate visits the 100th "Authentic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza" joint in a single day, and is caught on camera, as everyone gasps, because said politician picked up a fork in a pizza joint.

One wonders why they have forks at all in a pizza joint?   Why not just have a communal trough and be done with it?

In other words, prepare for an 18-month shitstorm assault on your brain and your ears.  It is going to get ugly, ugly, ugly.   And the trivial bullshit they will obsess about on the news channels will be utterly trivial.  And each candidate will trot out his "Joe The Plumber" - a middle-class victim of "The Obama Economy" (oh, wait, we can't use that one anymore) or whatever malady is ascribed to the opposing party.

It will be the worst fucking election in the history of America.  The utter bullshit and inane "incidents" on the campaign trail will make you want to weep.

But sadly, this is how we pick our Presidents - based on "which one would you want to have a beer with" or some such nonsense that has nothing to do with their ability to lead, or their experience as a leader.

And sadly, the GOP will go hard right in the primaries, as the worst collection of oddballs and kooks takes to the stage, and denies everything from global warming, financial regulation, vaccines, washing your hands, and of course, Obamacare.   The GOP will run on a single plank platform:  NO.   Just a word, nothing more.   Whatever there is, just do the opposite.   That is the "cure" for "what ails" our country.

And that is sad, as the GOP could at least offer a platform of realistic alternatives, instead of superstition and nonsense.

NOTE:  If you ever do visit Washington, and visit Congress, do not shake your Senator's hand.  You don't know where it has been, and Senators, particularly Republicans, are dirty people who don't wash their hands after they poop and do not believe in vaccines.  They are regular disease-bags.   You have been warned!