Thursday, January 25, 2018

We Don't Get Fooled Again! (The Art of the Deal)

The Democrats got utterly fucked in the shutdown.  Will they go back the well of abuse one more time?  You can bank on it.

A weird thing is happening in Washington.  President Trump is turning out to be a better negotiator than anyone expected.  But in Washington, trust is a currency than can quickly devaluate, and whether the Democrats are ready to put their hand on the hot stove once again, is anyone's guess.

Oh, right, Democrats.  They think Oprah is Presidential timber and Bradley Manning is ready for the august body of the Senate - after all, a criminal conviction is all you need in the way of credentials, right?

Oh boy.   Will it be the year 2100 before the Democratic party gets it's shit together?   Perhaps.

Trump lured the Democrats into a corner and then stomped on them.  And now he is holding out bait - the DACA act - in return for the Trump wall, new restrictions on immigration, and God knows what else.   And of course, the far-right will never sign on to the DACA act, so Trump has cover - "they made me do it!" he can cry.

But the Democrats are foolish if they even bother to negotiate on this.   They will only end up approving the billion-dollar wall, without getting much in return, other than postcards from deported "dreamers" from their new homes.

Trump has truly played them this time.   The question remains, how many times the Democrats will go back to the well of abuse.

Fool me one time, shame on you.   Fool me a second time, shame on me!