Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Who's Crazier? Donald Trump or Kanye West?

Tough call.  Looks like both have been hitting the fast-food buffet too often, though.

Worse that Trump's lies are the crazy shit he says.   Weird stuff that only idiots would believe - which may be why he says it.  His followers believe it.

So when he says we should delay the election, people wearing MAGA hats say, "shit yea!" because they believe a President is like a dictator and do whatever he wants.   Bernie Bros believe the same bullshit.

But it goes beyond that.  Granted, both Kanye and Trump are running for President of the United States.  Both say off-the-wall shit.  But only one is actually President of the United States.

And granted, a lot of this off-the-wall shit is by design and not even concocted by the Concoctor-In-Chief.   The "move election day" Tweet was carefully crafted to distract from poor economic news.  It is better to leave the voters scratching their heads than marching on Washington. The entire "Ducking" narrative is also an example of a Cheney-esque strategy to paint your opponent with your own weaknesses.

But other times, well, it is downright scary.   And we've been through this before with George W. Bush.  I recall listening to his speeches, and like a proud parent with a slightly dull child, being proud when he got through the whole thing without mispronouncing too many words.  Yea Georgie!  Good Boy!  Here's a Lollipop!  Wait a minute, we're invading who?   You got so caught up you forget what was actually being said.

Maybe this is the new Republican strategy, or maybe Republicans tend to be Asperger's.   Hard to say.  But confusing use of language is one hallmark.  The others seem to paint a picture of the President:
  • lack of social awareness;
  • lack of interest in socializing/making friends;
  • difficulty making and sustaining friendships;
  • inability to infer the thoughts, feelings, or emotions of others;
  • either gazing too intently or avoiding eye contact;
  • lack of changing facial expression, or use of exaggerated facial expressions;
  • failure to respect interpersonal boundaries;
  • stereotypical and repetitive motor patterns such as hand flapping or arm waving.
Or maybe Trump is just diabetic - that would explain his mood swings.  It is all-too-easy to diagnose these things from the armchair.

Trump's lies should concern us all.  But Trump's erratic behavior should scare us all to death.  Remember, this is a guy who can start World War III in a matter of minutes.   What a great going-away present to America, if he isn't re-elected.