Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Facebook Evil?

Is Facebook a work of Satan himself?  Perhaps.

Another day, another person losing their job over some stupid thing they did on Facebook.

Nothing good ever seems to come of Facebook, do you notice that?  

There are never any heartwarming stories about how it saved a life or brought people together.


All you hear about is people getting into fights, pedophiles luring little girls, people being fired after posting photos of themselves doing dumb things, or kids committing crimes and then getting caught after posting pix.

Facebook is just inherently evil.  It appeals to the narcissist in all of us.

Everything we post on Facebook seems more relevant, more important, or funnier, than it actually is.  And we get an inflated sense of our self-worth from this constant self-grooming.

I closed my Facebook account and erased all content before I did.   Facebook is the work of Satan, I'm afraid (literally or metaphorically, take your pick).

It caters to the Ego, far too much.