Monday, November 2, 2015

"Hello, This is Lenny!"

Ever get frustrated with annoying telemarketer calls?   Take some time and listen how "Lenny" handles them!

On YouTube, a library of videos which play recordings of telemarketers trying to sell services (or scams) to a good-natured Australian bloke, "Lenny".

Problem is, "Lenny" doesn't exist.  He is a collection of recordings played in a row in response to pauses in the telemarketer's pitch.

Lenny confounds and confuses, but sounds totally real.  Some telemarketers talk to him for nearly a half-hour, before they figure out that he's either a recording - or senile.

If you get bored, give it a listen.   Watch for the ducks!  It is hilarious or "my third eldest, Larissa".

We're all quite proud of her.  She went to university, you know.