Thursday, April 5, 2018

Our Beautiful Laundrette

Our Laundry Room makeover is almost complete.

Our laundry room makeover is almost complete, and I am uploading the video as I write this.  It should go live in a few hours.

A note about YouTube for any Farsi-speaking vegetarians out there:  It is NOT a government agency, or run by the revolutionary guard.  It is a privately run, commercial enterprise, who can decide who gets to post on their site or not, and how the posts are ranked.   There is no "freedom of speech" issue here - it is a privilege, not a right, to put videos on someone's private site, and they have the right to decide what goes on their site, and what videos are promoted on their search engine.

As I noted in an earlier posting, there are way too many people trying way too hard to be YouTube stars.   They put up what they think are clever and funny videos and expect them to go viral.  They don't hope they will go viral, they expect it as if it was an inalienable right written into the Constitution.

After all, some stupid kid makes millions a year just playing with toys.  It ain't fair!  Waaaaaah!  Cry like a baby!

It sort of makes me sick to think that people really think like this.

Do you want to be successful on YouTube?  You have about as much chance of success as you do of becoming the next Cher or Lady Ga-Ga.  In other words, it is a long shot.   Either you have to have loads of talent, get very, very lucky, or spend an awful lot of time and money making professional-quality videos and be willing to wait years even, before you are even noticed.   And even then, you may end up being popular for a month or two, before the Internet moves on.   Ask the guys from Red State Update how that works.

But being creepy and weird and expecting the world to hang on your every word?   Give me a freaking break.   If you hate it so much here in America, why stay?  American can do with one less freaky vegetarian, and apparently it will.

I am not sure where this attitude comes from, but many Americans seem to be under the delusion that being a celebrity or a superstar is some sort of right.   Maybe it is the plethora of contest programs that give people the idea that stardom is just the click of a mouse away.   No one thinks about using YouTube to just post their stupid family videos anymore - no, it has to be some sort of vehicle for success.

I always thought of YouTube as a means of putting up my home movies for friends to see.   I never expected "stardom" and it will never, ever happen, either.   There are 330 million people in the United States, maybe a few thousand of them, tops, are "celebrities" on YouTube or otherwise.  The odds are stacked against you.

And no, I don't think YouTube or Blogger owes me a living.   Talk about being delusional!