Wednesday, April 9, 2014


If you get a phone call from 661-748-0241, just hang up.  It is likely a scam artist.

I got a weird one today, on my cell phone, from 661-748-0241.   The guy claims I "downloaded their marketing report online" and wanted to know if I wanted to use their marketing services.

I don't recall downloading any such information - and even if I did, how would they know?  And how would they get my CELL number?

I suspect the first part is a ruse to get around the DNC registry - claiming a pre-existing business relationship.

But, I politely told him that I am semi-retired and not interested in getting new clients.   And he thanked me and hung up.

I googled the phone number and discovered that it is a number used by fraudsters all the time:

What is phone number 661-748-0241?

Phone number 661-748-0241 is a default Skype telephone number alike 661-748-0240 that is used by Skype users who have not yet set up their accounts. The phone number 661-748-0241 will appear on outbound calls made by Skype users taking advantage of the services.

Warning! Criminals and scam artists use the phone number 661-748-0241 in order to orchestrate different types of scams.

Phishing attempts from (661) 748-0241

There have been many reports of criminals utilizing the default Skype telephone numbers, including 661-748-0241, to extract sensitive information from victims and perform various scams.
  • Phishing scams orchestrated by criminals using the default Skype phone numbers may include fake Microsoft scams, fake ISP scams, fake family member scams, etc.
  • Criminals will often call unsuspecting victims fraudulently claiming to be from Microsoft or the a representative from the internet service provider, etc. In some scams criminals will attempt to persuade a victim that their computer has been compromised by malware, etc. and will state that in order to fix their computers a remote connection must be made. For more information about this and similar scams please see our article about the AMMYY scam.
  • Criminals are noted to use personal information in phone calls.

Some marketing company - if they are using Skype to make calls and don't even have their own dedicated number!

So, add this number to your blocked numbers list, or just don't answer if you get a call from it.

This shit just never ends, does it?