Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordpress: What a Mistake

WordPress is confusing, clunky and difficult to use.   The confusion starts with which WordPress to use - dot com or dot org?   Like everyone else on the Internet today, they not only want you to use one site, but automatically sign you up for their associated sites as well!

I tried to move the blog to Wordpress.COM which for some reason is a different blogsite than Wordpress.ORG - although they both use the same logo.   Huh?

Wordpress is linked into Linked-in (sorry about the pun) so once again, I am sucked into someone's nefarious scheme to own the internet.   Once on Wordpress. COM you have an "account" which is part of other discussion groups (something called "Gravatars") and CANNOT BE DELETED.   This is a new thing on the Internet - not allowing users to control their own content or even delete their accounts.   I should have investigated this further before jumping so quickly. accounts cannot be deleted. However, you can easily delete your blog. If you wish to leave, you can just leave your account inactive. To unsubscribe from any email notifications from, go to your subscription settings and check the box that says Block all subscription emails from Also: change/rename your username, and reuse email addresses.
Wordpress was clunky to use and many complained that the format was hard to read.   Wordpress.ORG has the same formatting problem.   You cannot use full justification (!) or change font sizes, colors, or types in the editing field.    It is not easy to edit entries without resorting to HTML tomfoolery.

Wordpress dot COM also allows comments and "occasional advertisements".   If you want to disable comments, you have to do it on a post-by-post basis.   Ugh!    And occasional advertisements?  Not in the cards.   Wordpress dot ORG supposedly doesn't have ads.    But I cannot fathom why there are two separate sites with the same name.

In order to use Wordpress.ORG, I have to DOWNLOAD the software, as opposed to editing and posting online.   However, once you download the software, publishing is free, and free of advertisements.   Maybe I will try this.   I had mistakenly assumed that the .COM and .ORG were the same thing (they use the same logo).   Very odd!

So, for now, I will stick with Blogger, even if it is part of the evil Google empire.

Sorry for the hassle!