Monday, October 28, 2019

20,000 Fans Who Boo'ed Trump at World Series Banned For Life by MLB

Major League Baseball says the ban from big league stadiums is indefinite.

HOUSTON (AP) — The twenty thousand fans who boo'ed President Trump and chanted "Lock Him Up!" during Game 5 of the World Series have been banned from major league ballparks for life.
Major League Baseball sent the fans a letter shortly after their escapade Sunday night.
The fans were identified using facial recognition software, scanning images from television and social media. The fans boo'ed President Trump when his image appeared on the Jumbotron when he was introduced to the crowd before the third inning at Nationals Park.
The fans were sitting throughout the stadium, and after booing the President, started a chant of "lock him up!"  Their stunt was seen live on Fox by a camera shooting from center field.
President Trump sat down, but it’s unclear whether he saw or heard the crowd.
MLB says the ban from big league stadiums is indefinite.
(c) fun with cut-and-paste.  And yes, this is a parody.  Duh!