Sunday, July 26, 2020

Law and Order Wins Out

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Mayor Lori Lightfoot holds a press conference in Chicago, June 15, 2020.

The Mayor of Chicago gives in and supports Trump's Federal response to gun violations.  Did she really have a choice?   Criminals don't vote!

A recent news story is interesting in that it illustrates how the Feds busted a number of people in Chicago for gun charges - violent felons who were in the possession of loaded handguns in violation of the law.   These are not nice people.   The felons, not the Feds.  Criminals with loaded handguns are not out to bring you flowers.   Get over that and get real.   Chicago has seen a rash of shootings lately - moreso than normal.  Word is out that thanks to "abolish bail" and "abolish fines" and "let all the prisoners go - they're innocent!" movements (usually supported by and propagated by, liberal whites in the suburbs), crime is up.

But a funny thing.   The mayor of Chicago realized that criminals don't vote and that law-abiding citizens make up the vast majority of the electorate.  So after resisting Trump's offer of "help" she finally went along with it and swallowed her bile and said she supports the President in this instance.

Good move.

I noted before that Law & Order will be on the menu this November.  The lawlessness we are seeing nationwide - which may be orchestrated and enhanced by outside forces via social networking - is pushing people to re-think a lot of things.  Sadly, Democrats and Liberals were baited by this whole thing, not realizing they were falling into a trap.   By defending violence and looting and arson, they are going to lose at the polling place.

Fast Facts:

1.  Over 70% of Americans are white.  That's why minorities are called minorities.  Calling for a "majority" of "people of color" on your board is not per capita representation, it is just overkill and pandering of the worst sort.   Yes, minorities are under-represented.   Over-representation isn't the answer.  I'm talking at you, Sierra Club. 
2.  The vast majority (99% or more) of Americans are not criminals and not sympathetic to criminals.  People - oddly enough - don't want to be mugged, raped, assaulted, robbed, or burgled.   No one wants to be killed for the keys to their SUV. 
3.  Minorities don't vote.   Hillary thought she could cobble together a coalition of "better together" of minorities and gays and liberals.  Sadly, it was an ill-conceived plan.  The big problem for Hillary was that minorities stayed home in 2016 and Trump got out the rural, white vote.   Hillary didn't even make a play for it. Until minorities are willing to vote for a candidate that supports their interests even if they are not of the same color, not much is going to change. 
4. Minorities don't add up to a majority.  Seems like a simple thing - you can't make a majority out of a minority - or even a group of them.  See #1 above.  While diverse group of women and gay men in "Hillyland" thought that the vast majority of Americans were of some minority identity group or were of a liberal bent, they failed to take into account that there are a lot of people outside of their own inner circle that they don't even know exist.
Taken all together, it points to a simple thing: America really hasn't changed all that much in 50 years.  All this talk about white people becoming a minority or Hispanics taking over is a little far-fetched, or at least wildly premature.

What people of all races want is law and order.  Granted, people in the city might want to see policing techniques changed and less harassment of people of color.  But the largest group of victims of crime in the inner cities are the residents themselves.   For all this talk about whites fearing blacks, the majority of crime committed by blacks is against other blacks.

The idea that criminality is some sort of black cultural value or should be tolerated is just nonsense.  And when most of the rioters disrupting these protests are suburban whites or just homeless crazy people on drugs, the protest should be over and the police should be called to remove the rioters.

I predicted before that Trump would use "Law and Order" this fall to get elected (100 days from now!).   It is 1968 all over again, and Mr. and Mrs. White Suburban American are watching the television in horror and are not impressed with your CHAZ or CHOP or whatever you want to call it, they are scared by it.   Scared enough to vote for Trump - and maybe that was the design all along - from outside forces encouraging these riots.

Democrats have to get off the rioting bandwagon.   Rioting is not protesting, and nothing excuses violence in a protest - no matter what the grievance.

Even the Mayor of Chicago understands that!