Monday, December 31, 2018

Something's Up!

Image result for great escape steve mcqueen Something's coming. I can feel it, and it's coming right around the corner at me, Squadron Leader.

Bartlett: It's possible for one man to get out through the wire, even get away, but there are in fact a considerable number of people besides yourself in this camp who are trying to escape.

Hilts: I appreciate that. [pause] Something's coming. I can feel it, and it's coming right around the corner at me, Squadron Leader.

When you get identically worded e-mails with just minor changes in details, something is about to happen - something not good.

Further to my previous posting on the subject, I received this e-mail today:

Hi Robert,

I came across your site while looking for resources for our next blog and I knew I had to reach out immediately, kudos on a fantastic blog. My name is Katie, and I'm reaching out on behalf of a growing food and drink retailer who operates in the same marketplace * and * and *.

This month, we're looking to secure sponsorship placements with five prominent blogs and your site jumped straight to the top of our list. Would you also be willing to accept link placements on pre-existing content on your site?

Please let me know if this is something you're interested in discussing further.

Kind regards,

If you look at the wording, other than changing the name from Debbie to Katie, the letter is the same.   "Kudos" they say, in both letters.  And for some reason, I am at the top of their list - regardless of subject matter.  Oddly enough, they are not offering money this time around, and instead of an adult social network, it is food and drink retailers.

What is going on here?  Some sort of scam to be sure.  I may respond to this e-mail and see what the gag is.  I am just guessing that they want to hijack the blog or something - ask for the username and password so they can "insert" links or whatever.   Whatever it is, it isn't something good!

I'll keep you posted.