Monday, December 17, 2018

The Best Tumbler!

These Ozark Trail camp tumblers are great for everyday use, or in the car, or even camping!

I don't ordinarily endorse products, and if I do, it isn't for money (because I'm an idiot).  But if you are looking for a Christmas present at the attractive price of $20, consider these tumblers.  During our five and a half months trip on the road (and 16,000 miles) we found that we needed new tumblers. We needed something unbreakable, as glassware in a rocking trailer tends to break.  We also needed something insulated, as we were outdoors a lot in hot weather.

We wanted something that wouldn't tip over - our old stainless-steel "car mugs" met the first two criteria, but being from the old school (back when car cupholders were tiny) they were very tall and narrow and tipped over a lot.   We saw these "Ozark" mugs at Wal-Mart once, and typical of Wal-Mart, we never saw them at another Wal-Mart again.

Then, ten Wal-Marts later, I saw them - on sale no less, in a set of four for $20.  They are pretty amazing.  I can put ice water in them by my beside and the next morning there is still ice in them. They keep hot things hot, cold things cold.  And they have a removable lid with a silicon rubber seal. They fit a car cupholder, but are not so tall as to be tippy.

And you can use them for everything from hot coffee and tea, to ice water, beer, wine, or a Manhattan cocktail.  Suitable for all occasions, except I guess, a wedding.

They also make a "stemless wine glass" version, but I would take a pass - stemless wine glasses are not my favorite to begin with, and why limit the application of the product unnecessarily?  They also make one with a handle on it, and again, I would pass.  It is so well insulated (like a Dewar flask!) that a handle is just unnecessary complication.

When I find something that works well, is durable, and is cheap, I get orgasmically excited. Everything in life should work this well.

During this trip, I also found some socks that actually fit my 13EEE feet (and Mr. See's size 8 as well) and are warm, stylish, cheap, and survive more than one trip through the dryer with their elastic intact.   I have found the holy grail of socks.   Next.....