Monday, December 10, 2018

Don't Trust Anyone - Not Even Me!

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In the world of commerce - which increasingly encompasses every aspect of our lives - you can't trust anyone!

In the mail today:

Hi Robert, 
I just read Living Stingy: The Future of RVing?, I think you had some great points which is why I think a collaboration between us could work well.
I represent a digital marketing agency currently working with a leading travel company who operates in the same marketplace as *** and ****** Holidays. We are in the process of securing sponsored placements for our client and we were wondering if you were interested in featuring such a post on your site. For the privilege of being featured on your site, we would be happy to offer a fee in the region of $15. Would you also be willing to accept link placements on pre-existing content on your site?
Let me know your thoughts.
Kind regards,
Fuck you, Glen!

You see how this works.  People sell their souls for 15 lousy bucks.

Everything - and I mean EVERYTHING on the Internet is scammed, shilled, spammed, and paid-for.  Not many sites are merely pure, unadulterated data.  You have to remain skeptical about every site you visit - Wikipedia, Snopes, whatever.  Everyone has an agenda.

And yes, you should be skeptical of my crappy little blog.  I would be so bitterly disappointed if you weren't.