Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Benefit of Monetization - Please Flame Me!

When you post something on your blog flaming one of my posts, I make money each time one of your brainless readers clicks on the link.   Please flame away!

One aspect of monetization of blogs is that if you say something people like, they click on your blog and you make money - maybe a penny a click.   But if you say something that outrages people they click even more on your blog and you make a dime.

It does provide an incentive to say outrageous things, hence the rise of "fake news" and weird far-right and far-left websites.   When you feed people "red meat" they click.  When you say nice things, they don't.   Funny how that works.

Recently, a Russian troll-farm blog flamed me for being "too liberal" (which is a big surprise for many of my liberal readers- all three of them!) and then included a link to my blog on their site.  I know this, because Google provides me with a list of "referral" sites.

Traffic spiked.   I made at least $25 from that one Russian troll-farm posting, in a day!  To return the favor, I will go and buy some Russian-made Vodka - and help keep the economy there going.

So to you, dear friend, thank you for the money.  Keep the outrage machine going!  We love the profits here in the capitalist-driven West.

And any day now, Russian will surely reign supreme again.   Oh, wait, they've been a third world country since before the time of the Czars.  In fact, in the history of the world, they've never really progressed beyond the economy of North Korea.

Oh, well, have another shot of Vodka and just pretend you're winning.

Or create your own Russian Click-bait video!   I did!   We do have a lot more fun here in America, that's for sure!

Good Luck Comrade!