Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ad Experiment Fails

Just a quick note. I pulled the ads off the blog. I saw another ad for Fox car rental this morning and when I clicked on it it went to the "5 Billionth Google Search" scam page. Again, this is a scam designed to harvest banking information and commit identity theft.

When this popped up before I thought it was a mere fluke, but it appears that someone is advertising with infolinks claiming to be Fox car rental but actually some overseas scammer trying to insert this phishing scam into a fake advertisement.

What sort of tipped me off is that the ad itself was very pixelated. It looked like somebody had scanned in an ad for Fox car rental and then enlarged it badly.

I was pleased that some of the advertisers were for legitimate products and actually products that I had used. But to have even one scam ad in there is not acceptable.

Also, the a revenue was about one-sixth that of Google AdSense. Why have scam ads with such low results?

Infolinks was easy to use in the people were very nice. But they need to vet their advertisers better.