Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Blogger - Do You Like It?

What are the origins of the classic "Please Stand By" image ...
Blogger is using a new interface, and I thought I would use this opportunity to try out new themes, as the old theme was hard to read, particularly on mobile.

Let me know if it is headache-inducing (moreso than usual) or refreshing.

In this instance, comments are appreciated!  No, comments are still disabled.  You have to e-mail.

The majority of readers HATE the new theme. Problem is, uploading the old theme seems impossible to do....


UPDATE:  Even though I saved the old format as an XML file, it does not seem to upload, and on some help forums, it was noted that if you upload the old format, it may lock the blog, and erase all 4600 blog entries.

So, rather than fight Blogger on this "upgrade" I am trying to take one of the "new" templates and simplify it so it looks a lot like the old one.  Sadly, for some reason, certain features are not available to edit.  For example, the color of the blog entry title is grey, and I cannot change that, only the font.

Weird.  It is a clunky interface, as some things are edited on THEMES and others are edited on LAYOUT.

I'll keep tinkering with it, but I'll try to make it clean, simple, and easy-to-read, like a book.

UPDATE:  What an HTML nightmare.  There are two LAYOUT features, one for the THEME and one for the BLOG.  Some layout features are edited in BLOG and some in THEME and they overlap.  Getting it just right is hard to do.  The blog entry title font color is determined by the color you select for links that are clicked on - for some weird reason.

Note also there are TWO blog views which appear similar but are not the same.  The overall blog view shows the postings in reverse order.  If you click on the title of one entry (either the title or on the navigation sidebar or through a URL link) you go to an "ENTRY" page which shows only that one entry and then three "popular" entries.  Very confusing.

Why we need so many choices is beyond me, but some folks like to tweak.   I think I have it back to something that LOOKS LIKE what it was before, but not quite the same.  Sorry for the kerfafel!

UPDATE:  Thanks for the feedback.  I changed the background to a light blue and it seems less "bright" than the polar white before.  I have also tried playing with the font sizes and types as much as it will let me.  I think it is better in some regards, in that the "comments" section is now missing, as we don't do comments here.