Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cooler Heads Prevail

Arbitrary closures seem to be slacking off - despite the best efforts of  Mrs. Kravitz.

We received a memo from the Authority - the beaches are still "closed" but open for "recreation and exercise".   You can't set up your chair, tent, or umbrella and lay about, but if you want to jog, walk, or ride your bike down the beach, you can.

By the way, a tip:  Figure out which way the wind is blowing.  We rode the beach Southward, as the wind was from the North.  Once we reached the end, we came back through the maritime forest trail, out of the wind.  A headwind is a pain-in-the-ass on the beach, a tailwind, a blessing!

It turns out our Governor overturned the decisions of local county commissioners and re-opened the beaches for exercise only - no congregating!  We had a nice ride down the beach on bicycles, and maybe a few dozen people were there - all many yards apart from one another.

Just to recap:  There is nothing inherently unsafe about beaches, sand, or sun.  This "beaches are dangerous" nonsense is akin to the toilet paper "shortage" or the panic-buying of bottled water.  It is just made-up crap by scared, frightened people.

And busybodies.

As I noted before, we have busybodies here that are going around and patrolling to make sure others are "obeying the rules".   No one anointed them or appointed them - they are Emergency Mouse, personified.  They are idiots - old bags, biddies and busybodies.   And when no one listens to them, they call the local politicians and say "do something!"  And local pols, wanting to be re-elected, figure they can do something arbitrary and look like they are being effective.

From the local newspaper:
Meanwhile, some Glynn County commissioners were frustrated with Kemp’s decision, especially as they were fielding numerous complaints from constituents who wanted the beaches to remain closed. 
 “If he [Kemp] wants to make that kind of decision, he should have done it at Day 1,’’ said Glynn County Commission Chairman Mike Browning. “Don’t tell the counties of Georgia to make the decisions they need to make to [protect their citizens] then come in there and wipe them out.” 
Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how things work and have objected strongly to the commissioners for a decision they didn’t make and are powerless to overrule. 
 “I tell them to call the governor. They don’t want to hear that,’’ Browning said.
Gladys Kravits strikes again!  "They're practicing witchcraft on beach!" she cries, "There's something odd going on Stephen's home!  I knew it!"

Calm down, Gladys, don't twist your panties in a knot.  The beach is not a petri dish for viruses, any more than the local grocery store - in fact, far less.

I feel sorry for those county commissioners, though - Gladys has their home phone number on speed-dial!