Monday, April 30, 2012

Merill Lynch Retirement Calculator

Geez, $9000 a month?  I would hope you could retire on less than that!

Merrill Lynch has this retirement calculator online, which is one of a number available.   It has an annoying talking voice, but you can mute it.   It is an interesting calculator, in that it may assure you that you are well on-track to a comfortable life, or it may panic you by illustrating how underfunded your retirement plan really is.

For me, it was reassuring.

Note:  I am not endorsing or recommending Merrill Lynch or Merrill Edge.  I do not use their investment services, personally. 

UPDATE:  Today I do use Merrill Edge - after they offered me a pile of money to transfer funds there.  Free trades and an upgrade to "platinum" status at Bank of America.   They made me an offer I couldn't refuse!