Friday, November 25, 2016

Jill Stein is Batshit Crazy!

The person who caused Hillary to lose the election is calling for a recount.  WTF?

Jill Stein has raised enough money to demand a re-count in Wisconsin, which is ironic as the margin that Trump won Wisconsin by is so small that Stein's 1% voter tally would have easily put Hillary over the top.   Her demanding a recount would be as absurd as Ralph Nader demanding a recount in Florida in 2000.   You wreck the party and then say it is someone else's fault?

Stranger still, she says she is not doing this "to help Hillary."   If not, then pray tell, to help who?   Somehow, I don't think a recount in Wisconsin is going to put Stein over the top in the electoral college.

Weirder still, she claims she wants to raise 4.5 million overall to demand recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well, an effort that would cost about $7 million in filing fees and expenses for all three States.   So even if she makes her financial goals, she will still be short of being able to demand recounts in those last two States.   And again, these are States where many people "protest voted" for Stein or Johnson, and whose votes would have put Hillary in the White House.

But again, we shouldn't expect logic from a lady who dog-whistles to anti-vaxxers and folks who think that your wireless router is causing brain damage.   In other words, she is part of the lunatic fringe.

But wait, the whole thing gets a whole lot weirder.   In addition to Stein, a lot of Democrats are saying that Hillary should demand a recount, something she does not appear to want to do (and the clock is quickly running out on that).   She saw how it worked out for Al Gore in Florida, and how that basically ended his political career - without changing the outcome.   Of course, Gore's problem was he wanted a partial recount of the counties he thought he could win in.   If he had gone for a straight recount of the whole state, that might have worked out - but still tossed the election to Bush.

The problem for Gore wasn't hanging chads, it was Nader.   The problem for Hillary wasn't "rigged" voting machines, it was Stein.  And any "statistical deviation" in voting by paper versus electronic machines has a very simple explanation - electronic voting machines tend to be used in more wealthy suburban and urban areas - the exact areas where voter turnout for Hillary was less than expected, as the core Democratic voters failed to rally to their candidate (and some idiots voted for Stein instead).

But wait, the weirdness gets even weirder.   Some folks are calling for the electoral college to change their votes.   Six "faithless electors" are already promising to do so - and encouraging others to do the same.   Wait!  This could be a perfectly legal way for the Electoral College to elect Hillary Clinton, and nothing could be done about it.

Well, it could be, except that the six faithless electors are all Democrats and are not changing any votes from Trump to Hillary, but rather from Hillary to some other candidate.   I am not sure how this will change the outcome of the election one iota.

And in our post-fact world, the news media gets this story all wrong and doesn't even bother to clean up the details.   Many outlets are reporting that the faithless electors were Republicans switching their votes from Trump to Clinton.   Still others are reporting that even if the electors switch votes, the House of Representatives could change the outcome (this would only happen in an electoral college tie).

It is just all a pile of bullshit.   It is the kind of crap that got Trump elected in the first place.

Speaking of which, the even more bizarre thing is people protesting the outcome of the election.   People are wasting time and energy with protests over an election that is over and done with as if a protest could actually change the outcome.   Again, this is one reason why Trump won - Democrats have become somewhat delusional over the last eight years, moving more and more to the Left and ignoring the real world as it is.

A lot of kids these days are brought up (on college campuses) to believe that if you don't like something, whether it is the "cultural appropriation" of the tacos in the dining hall, or the waterboarding of Gitmo detainees (which is the real crime here, right?) all you have to do is protest and the world will change and you will get your way.   It is far more effective that this stupid voting thing, right?   Unless, of course, you "protest vote".

There are a lot of folks chained to bulldozers in the snow North Dakota right now who are going to be for a rude surprise come January 21st.   Like the Bundy clan (Klan?) in Washington was routed out by the Obama administration, they will be routed out by a new Trump administration - and the GOP will push through the Keystone pipeline, whether anyone wants it or not.

This is the new reality, and it is what you get for voting for fringe candidates - or not voting at all, as many of these self-style "protesters" readily admit to.

Sorry, but the far-left can really fuck up a wet dream.   If Hillary lost, it was only because she tried to appeal to these far-left loonies, just as Trump appealed to the far-right loonies.   Like most politicians, neither had much intention on following through with these promises, and both would have moved closer to the middle-of-the-road once elected.

But the crazies want everything their way or not at all.   So today, they get their wish.

The "alt-right" didn't elect Donald Trump.   The green party and their ilk did.

Hope you enjoy the next four years, fuckers!

UPDATE:  More evidence of Batshit Craziness of Jill Stein:

1.  The "recount" in Wisconsin will only recount paper ballots, as you can't "recount" an electronic voting machine.   So what was the point again?

2.  She missed the deadline for a recount in Pennsylvania.   Not sure as to why she is saying she is going to pay for a recount there when she literally cannot, unless she is willing to go to court.

Completely insane.   And the folks who gave her money to do this are even more batshit crazy.

Here's a fucking clue:  If you didn't want Trump as President, then you shouldn't have run as a third party candidate!