Sunday, November 6, 2016

Why Reddit Sucks

You'd think a breaking news story would be at the top of Reddit "news" but no.

Breaking news - the FBI has read through all the e-mails found on the laptop of the former husband of one of her aids and........ nothing.   There's nothing there they didn't already know about.   Nothing illegal that any reasonable prosecutor would ever bring charges on.

In other words, she's innocent of any wrongdoing, just guilty of being stupid.

...funny cat videos.

...some clip from a video game.

....the latest outrage du jour.

But nothing on the most important story of the last 24 hours.

Check the front page.  Check "news" and "world news" or even "all" - nothing.

Maybe tomorrow something will be "voted up" to the top of the septic tank that is Reddit to actually inform people of breaking news.   Maybe.  Or maybe Russian Trump Troll-bots will keep voting down things that are contrary to their own view of the world.

The idea that "news" should be what is popular for people to hear is not only wrong, it is just sick.

The Internet is broken.   Yet people get their "news" from Facebook and Twitter, and nothing on those sites remotely passes for truth on any given day.

Very odd.  Very odd.