Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free WiFi

AT&T provides free WiFi service to AT&T subscribers, in many locations.  Before you pay for WiFi, check to see if AT&T (or your service provider) provides it for free.

Twice a year, we go to the Mart in Atlanta, and say at the Hilton downtown.  Four people in one room - it gets crowded.

And of course, we want to use WiFi while we are there.   Problem is, Hilton charges a daily fee for WiFi use (and it is not insubstantial - like $20 a day!) and it would look bad to be charging this to Mark's employer.

One advantage of having AT&T service, is that they provide free wifi if you are already an AT&T subscriber.  You need only log in using your AT&T username and password, and you are set.

Of course, this only works for areas where AT&T is providing WiFi service.  But their interactive map allows you to find such places.

Companies do give away little tidbits like this, for free, and many people never utilize them (Like Bank of America's Museums on Us program).

Little "gimmies" like this are not enough to make it worthwhile to change telephone and internet providers (or banks).   But if you already are with a company that provides such freebies, well, you might as well use them.

Problem is, most of us forget we have these freebies coming to us, so we never use them.   Which is probably what they count on.....