Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Marijuana Trap, Part Three

Why has the "War on Drugs" been so un-winnable?  Could it be that certain powers-that-be don't want it won?

I am not a fan of conspiracy theories.  But it does strike me that drugs like marijuana do have a positive aspect on the bottom line of many companies and other interests in this country.  Marijuana users provide a lot of "services" for our corporate overlords (sorry, couldn't help myself):

1.  They provide an endless supply of minimum-wage labor.

2.  They essentially consume all of their income and part of others.

3.  They are essentially politically powerless as they are stoned and broke most of the time.

If a drug user gets out of hand, you can always toss his ass in jail for a few years, which will make the Attorney class happy, keep the user and his family broke, and the user a perpetual serf for a few more years.  And the bonus is, once they get out, as convicted drug users, they have to work all those shitty minimum-wage jobs as no one else would hire them.  If you play this right, you can take someone's "youthful indiscretion" and brand them with it, for life!

If you could sit down and think up a better plan to enslave millions of people, you couldn't come up with a better plan than widespread drug use, including pot.

Of course, I am being a bit sarcastic (or am I?  After all, I did say I was part of the conspiracy earlier.  Or was I making a joke then?  Or was I being serious and passing it off as a joke?  Or are you really that stoned?  Or all of the above?).

But seriously, the net effect is the same - whether it is a grand conspiracy or just some shit that happened.  If you smoke a lot of pot, it will negatively affect your life in a whole lot of ways - and for a long time - if not a lifetime.

And I say this out of experience.  One reason I am just now learning fiscal responsibility at age 50 is that during much of my formative years, I squandered a lot of dough, and much of that squandering was due to bad habits learned from my parents and to drug use learned from my siblings.

Pot smokers think poor, and thus they are poor.  They squander enormous amounts of money - and not just on the drug itself.  When you use pot, your mind is drawn to the poverty mindset and the cash-flow way of thinking.   After all, people with money are "the establishment" and not you - and certainly you will never be one of those "rich people" - right?

But of course, I am wasting my breath, as marijuana users will never listen to any talk whatsoever that their drug of choice could possibly have any negative effects on their lives.  And this is due to the fact that it is embraced as a religion more than anything.