Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When someone tells you that by spending money, you are SAVING!!!! (usually with exclamation points) you should be skeptical.

You can't spend your way to wealth.   You cannot eat your way to slimness.

This article on MSNBC illustrates an extreme example of this concept.

A retailer can show "90% off SAVINGS!!!" on a bottle of ketchup by claiming that the retail price on a bottle of ketchup is over $100.

But it is just using a specious price point as a reference.

Savings - in terms of discounts from fake target prices (that no one ever pays) are not savings.

Just remember:  Savings are something you put in the bank.  Anything else is SPENDING.

Don't be deceived.   You cannot spend your way to wealth

 How you spend is not going to make you wealthy, just as how you invest is not going to make you wealthy.

Saving makes you wealthy.