Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keyword SPAMMING Facebook and Google

Would it be possible to keyword SPAM Facebook and Google?  Why Not?

One way to throw a wrench in the keyword-grabbing algorithms that Google and Facebook use, would be to find some way to Keyword SPAM them.  It would only be fitting justice, as this technique is inflicted on us, often enough.

What is keyword SPAMMING?  Well, for example, on an internet site, a Craigslist ad, or even an eBay listing, people put words that might not be relevant to the listing, but will capture their listing if you search for something else.

So, for example, you are searching for Volvo parts on Craigslist, and you type in "VOLVO" under parts, and this ad for an Acura part comes up.  WTF?  When you open the ad, you see, at the bottom of the page, a list of nearly every car ever made over time:

"Acura Integra Honda Civic Integra DC2 BMW E36 E46 E39 325 323 238 528 M3 Z3 Volvo S40 V50 T5 Ford Contour Focus SV......."

It is just SPAM - Keyword SPAM, to defeat search engines by turning up their ad, no matter what make or model car you search on.

Now, it occurred to me that you could use this annoying trick on Facebook or Google as well.  Just use a macro to type in a long string of meaningless words, or words designed to link you to certain advertisers.  Heck, take the entire contents of the dictionary and enter it.  You could write a script to do it, I'd bet.  Once a day, go on Google, and enter this string in the search engine, and then watch the fun begin.

The Google computers will melt down, trying to decide whether you are interested in Rolex Watches, Car Insurance, a New Camaro, or some Perpetual Motion Motor.   If you put enough keywords in there, it won't be able to parse them significantly, and be able to figure out what it really is you are interest in, as it will appear you are interested in everything.

I think this is a swell idea, and in fact, a patriotic duty.  I just need to work on the details some more.