Saturday, June 23, 2012

Relisting on eBay

I listed this spare X5 rim on eBay for $100 (a $400 dealer part).  No takers.  After re-listing five times, and lowering the starting price to $50, it sells for $145.  Go Figure.

If something doesn't sell on eBay, don't panic.  Just re-list.  You can list up to Fifty (50) items a month on eBay, for free, provided that:

1.  They are in the auction format (not buy-it-now)
2.  There is only one photo (other photos are extra)
3.  It is for 7 days only.

So, if you don't sell an item, just re-list it - there is no fee for re-listing the item.

Of course, eBay wants a 9% "final value fee" which will be about $15 on this transaction.   But, I made a "second chance" offer to the next-highest bidder ($140) for one of the other rims (I have four).  I paid $170 for the set, used up the rubber for 30,000 miles, kept the best four of the eight rims I have, and if I sell the remainder for $140 each, well, I stand to clear a few hundred dollars on the deal.

But sometimes, you have to wait for the right person to come along, and sometimes, offering for a lower price gets bids - and once something gets bids it takes on a life of its own.  This wheel languished unsold for $100 for over five weeks.  I lower the price, and ironically, it sells for $145.

When in doubt, re-list it.  It costs nothing and takes only a click of the mouse!